10 Intranet Trends to Watch in 2023

Date: 16-Oct-2023

Intranet Trends for 2023

In the past few years, intranet technology has taken off! Companies are discovering all the amazing benefits it offers – from increased efficiency to more collaboration. The features of modern intranets make work easier and help businesses grow like never before. And things are only getting better in 2023, with even more advancements set to revolutionize how we do business. Get ready for a world where everything is faster and simpler!

Here are our predictions for intranet feature trends in the coming year 2023:

1. Intranet and Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is a booming trend and its popularity is only increasing as businesses understand the advantages of going digital. Intranets play a big role in this, acting as gateways to various tools that employees can use to complete tasks and collaborate with others. This makes teamwork easier, and boosts engagement and productivity – especially if you have remote team members! Setting up an intranet is fast and easy so you’ll start seeing positive changes from day one. Take advantage of this great opportunity today!

2. Mobile Integration

This year, the focus is on improving intranet access and features for mobile devices. That way, employees who have to work from home or while traveling can use the same intranet as those at the office with ease. With a user-friendly mobile intranet, everything will be easier to navigate, faster to set up, and more innovative. Plus, collecting data from people using their mobile devices will help organizations make even more improvements in the future!

3. Social Collaboration

Social features in intranets can be just as important for employee engagement as having a positive company culture. Tools like blogging, chat, team workspaces, video conferencing, and more can help boost collaboration and strengthen relationships among teams and individuals. This year, new social features to look out for include employee updates (e.g. where they are, and what they’re working on) and detailed personal profiles. If you haven’t implemented a social intranet yet, our guide will help you build a compelling business case within your organization.

4. Customized Experience.

Organizations can create a personalized intranet experience for their employees by customizing the platform to fit individual user needs. This could mean showing company news and internal content tailored to particular teams or departments or suggesting relevant content based on an employee’s interests and skills. Doing so will make interactions with the intranet more efficient and meaningful, making it more enjoyable for users and encouraging them to return and keep adding value.

An intranet personalization strategy helps the entire organization by increasing
productivity, not just the intranet users.

5. System Integration

Does your intranet make it easy to access other systems and tools? Can you link up with popular software like CRM and Exchange, so that everyone can get the job done quickly? Are any integrations available right out of the box, or do you need to build them yourself? Is there a free API you can use for extra functionality? Get all the answers about integration this year!

6. Employee Engagement on the Intranet

Intranets are a great way for large organizations to stay connected and engaged with their employees. In 2023, there will be even more ways to foster inter-departmental and team engagement such as having online workspaces, calendars, and tools to collaborate. Measuring employee engagement is becoming increasingly important when it comes to intranet success. This means that companies must make sure they create an environment where everyone can come together, communicate easily, and work together on projects!

7. Internal and External

A great internal and external user experience is essential for any business. The growing use of intranets has made communication between employees and customers simpler and more effective. Everyone wants to feel like their opinion matters and that they are respected – this is what makes a successful company! With the right focus on user experience, businesses can make sure their intranet runs smoothly and effectively.

8. Assessing Intranet Success

By 2023, analyzing key metrics and making data-driven decisions will help improve intranet features and manage internal processes better. Making small changes to an intranet system can have a big impact on productivity, so it’s important to get these right. To do this, businesses should analyze user engagement stats and feedback to make the intranet more personalized and intuitive. Companies that keep up with progress by making regular adjustments will be able to reap the benefits of improved performance.

The following are the top five best practices for analyzing intranet success:

  • Create a strategy and roadmap for intranet metrics.
  • Consult with your stakeholders.
  • Improve and comprehend your intranet stats dashboard.
  • Restructure your reports and the associated workflow.
  • Set up a metric evaluation and action plan.

9. Design

It’s time to upgrade your intranet platform if it’s outdated and visually unappealing. Good design is an essential element when it comes to creating a digital workplace that engages employees. A successful intranet should have practicality, usability, and now – cool corporate culture vibes! With the right design, you can ensure your workforce uses the intranet frequently and efficiently in 2023.

10. Learning Management Systems (LMS) Integration

In 2023, integration between intranets and Learning Management Systems (LMS) will be even better. Companies can provide staff with a smooth, simple way to learn and track their progress with an integrated platform. Training new employees, evaluating training programs, and tailoring learning experiences for everyone in the organization will be easier than ever before. This will ensure that teams have access to the skills they need to stay competitive and successful.

Future Steps

Intranets have revolutionized the workplace over the past few years, making it easier than ever to communicate and collaborate. Companies that implement intranet technology are seeing improvements in productivity, job satisfaction, and profits. To stay ahead of the curve, check out our guide on how to plan, deploy, and launch an intranet project. Our guide will help you understand the key trends for 2023 so your business can reap all the benefits that come with using intranets!



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