Custom Intranet Solutions – How does INNOVATION really look like?

Date: 02-Aug-2018

Custom Intranet Solutions – How does INNOVATION really look like?

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the process of modernizing and upgrading the existing techniques and processes that complete an organization. A good amount of research needs to be carried out before initiating innovation of any sort. Support from internal and external human resources that have a direct or indirect impact on an organization is equally important. Innovation decisions are not made overnight. It is a slow and steady process, which needs to be given sufficient time before the final innovation blueprint is laid down. Taking expert advice at regular intervals can also help in more than just one way.

Sense of Belongingness

An organization that lays its thrust on innovation is one that has become successful in instilling a sense of belongingness among all its employees. This can be seen on every other occasion, wherein an employee strives to put the organizational interests before his or her personal gains.

Talent is recognized

Innovation begins with talent recognition. There are many organizations out there, that fail to tap into employee skills and talents, which in reality can contribute largely to a firm’s success. This situation works in reverse in the case of innovative organizations.

Fixing Responsibility and Accountability

Employees can perform efficiently only when responsibility and accountability are fixed on them. With this comes clarity about their position in the firm and the tasks at hand. Innovative organizations make this a priority.

Failure is Accepted

Innovative organizations are the ones, which motivate their employees to fail, make mistakes, and learn from them. Failures, if any, and learning from them are communicated all across the organization in order to avoid repetitive blunders.

Healthy Competition

Every innovative organization believes in instilling healthy creative competition among all its employees. Sharing ideas, debating, and brainstorming is actively supported by all such firms.

Leaders are Team Players

Firms, which abide by the concept of innovation, are the ones, which have dynamic and proactive leaders, who strive constantly to recognize special skills held by their team players and make the most out of it in order to achieve organizational success.

All said and done, it can be concluded that innovation is a productive change, which should be welcomed with open arms.



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