Modern Training Tracking System For Employee Onboarding

Date: 03-Jul-2019

Training Tracking System

Owning modern training tracking software is vital for employee onboarding. When new employees enter your organization, it is important to ensure that they are brought up to speed on the company’s procedures and policies as soon as possible. Using this training tracking software it ensures that the training procedure is the same for every employee and that everyone receives the same knowledge in order to perform successfully.

a) Set up personalized training plans:

The modern training tracking system has the ability to set up personalized training plans for new employees. There will be a generalized training that everyone in the company will have to complete such as training on a particular system that is used in business, but there will also be different training sessions depending on what job a person is doing.

b) Staff can work through training in their own time:

Training tracking software has a larger part in the training management system. E-learning should be offered to staff for better functionality. This will make arranging training even easier, as you can set up the learning paths you want your staff to work on. Once they log in, they automatically have access to all the courses they need to work through. This means your staff can work through the training at their own pace, rather than having to set aside large chunks of time to attend classroom-based sessions.

c) Make sure new staff complete training in the correct order:

In training tracking software it allows you to set the entire learning journey for your new staff which will prevent them from having access to future courses until they have completed their earlier ones. Because sometimes if you give new staff access to lots of training to complete, they may pick and choose what they may like first.

d) Staff can view their own progress:

Training tracking software measures how much progress you have made (new staff) since the beginning of the training. This will allow your new staff to check all the training courses they have completed in their past, as well as everything those courses which are coming up on the training plan. This is especially important with new staff, as you obviously want them to get to grips with the basics of their new role before they move on to the more complex topics.

e) Encourage staff with gamification:

Training tracking software is a great way to make training fun for the new staff with the help of gamification elements to encourage them to continue on their learning journey. By giving them rewards like digital badges when they complete a specific part of training or by giving some special awards to the team members who have completed most of the training sessions.


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