Developing logical and emotional connect

Date: 20-Feb-2019

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Leaders, Management, and Employees; why is Emotional Connect Important between them

Good leaders are those people who have a clear vision and who can plan strategies to accomplish the goals to achieve that vision. Leaders or Managers display their skills while working in a team and hopefully, their team is appreciative of all those skills. But that is not enough because even if you are highly trained and proficient in professional skills, the success of your team is dependent on how well your work with others. Emotional Intelligence is a key to successful leadership and management.

As you go up in the hierarchy in any organization, interpersonal skills matter more than technical skills. The ability to make emotional connections is often misunderstood as it is not about being emotional but it is all about the human connection between two persons. Leaders should have the ability to connect with all the associates to show them how important they are and there is more to the relationship than just the job at hand.

Employees become disengaged from their jobs, managers, and companies they work for if they don’t get emotional belonging. They don’t get any motivation to put then just the minimum amount of effort required by them in return for their salaries. They will not give a thought to staying back when any better opportunity comes along. So managers should work to ensure that an emotional connection is there between them and their employees.

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