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Innovate, Be an Early Adopter or Perish

Innovate, Be an Early Adopter or Perish

In order to stay in the game, innovation has become a must. This fact holds relevance with regard to the stream of HR as well. Gone are the days, when individuals had long-stretched loyalties to their organizations. Today, it has become extremely difficult to retain employees. The rate of job switchovers is extremely high. Innovate or lose your Manpower: Moreover, there is cut-throat competition in the market. It takes no time for a Number 1 organization to slip to Number 2. What follows next, are employees of other organizations moving to the firm that has newly acquired the Number 1 Innovate, Be an Early Adopter or Perish

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The HR Technology Market in Disruption – What is Coming Next??

What does the HR Technology Market have in store? HR, which is a human function, made it a point to rely heavily on human factors in order to achieve an organization’s HR objectives. However, with technological transformation being the need of the hour, it became somewhat necessary to amalgamate the many HR activities with the upcoming tech-based platforms. A certain pattern was being followed in the HR Technology Market, which has now started to experience a sudden transition. So what is it that is sitting ready to get unveiled? Go the CPM way: A brand new concept CPM, which is better known The HR Technology Market in Disruption – What is Coming Next??


Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?

Getting promoted at work generally happens due to improved performance, managerial tactics, better client handling, successful completion of projects, and various others. But, the actual reason that lies within you is the urge to perform better, compete with yourself and act like a true leader to drive forces of your own accord. There is a sheer difference between getting a lead and leading someone toward the path of success. Generally, there are numerous numbers that like to get a lead from a genuine professional player. While there are only those who possess leadership qualities to let individuals go along with Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

Getting To Know VR and AR: VR essentially refers to Virtual Reality, while AR, on the other hand, stands for Augmented Reality. The concepts of VR and AR are now being used extensively in connection to HR. Even though VR has been in practice across different industries to date, AR has started finding a base for itself only now. VR believes in creating a simulative environment so that one gets to enjoy reality in a falsely created arena. The exact opposite is AR, which aims to create a worthwhile alloy between a business function and digitalization so as to exploit Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

Leaders in the post-pandemic era are prioritizing mobile accessibility as employees now work flexibly between their office and home. To ensure your workforce stays connected, developing a successful mobile intranet with rich aesthetics is key. Creative Social Intranet shares some essential design tips to help you achieve this. With an ever-evolving workplace, it’s no longer enough to just be mobile-friendly – transitioning to a mobile-first approach is best for success. Create a mobile experience that puts engagement and productivity first!
Designing your intranet can be a daunting task. But Creative Social Intranet is here to make it easier! We’ve done the research and built products that are not only difficult to find in other systems but practically impossible. Our social intranet system offers unique features you won’t get anywhere else, giving you the best possible experience. No matter what size or type of organization you’re running, we’ve got you covered – from small businesses to large enterprises, our solutions are tailored for success.
When a company launches its intranet, there’s always an initial excitement and curiosity around it. Everyone checks out the main pages before signing off – but after that, things quickly go downhill. it ends up becoming just another item on their to-do list that never gets done. It’s easy for enthusiasm about a company intranet to fizzle out fast.