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Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

An intranet isn’t a website. Employees don’t see the intranet as a shopping portal. Employees don’t shop or try to be engaged on the intranet. They utilize the intranet far uniquely in contrast to they utilize the Internet. Employees come to the intranet for some fast data. No employee goes to the intranet to “see what’s occurring” or what’s new. They need a telephone number, a shape, an arrangement, a record – and afterward, they’re headed toward a gathering, a call, or an email. So your intranet should not be an engagement portal but should have a productive feature like a calendar, event management, meeting schedules, org chart, and Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019


Principles of Intelligent Automation in Action

Automation and Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the field of technology these days. Everyone likes to automate things, and while this might have a lot of drawbacks, like losing jobs, it also has its own share of perks too. Automation can decrease your efforts but provide you with the same set of results as you would have always wanted. It can cost a lot of jobs, but it has some benefits which can only be attained if you are using things in the right manner. With that in mind, we bring to you 3 ways for intelligent Principles of Intelligent Automation in Action

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Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function

Bringing certain changes within the business organization is necessary to be on a path of developmental as well as operational change. In order to fulfill, ever-evolving customer requirements, revenue, and total investment, it is necessary to do some modifications to the overall operational model. The changes could be depending upon new advanced technology, integrating the efforts of different departments, strategizing goals, and several other modifications. In simple terms, one has to come up with certain modifications at regular intervals after witnessing the current trend in the marketplace. Common Ways to Renew Operating Model for the Next Generation Individuals Going all Digital: Adopting Operating Model for the Next Gen People Function


What if? Breaking Barriers to Innovation

Forget the “What If?”: For a long time now, we have been advised to rise above the “ifs” and “buts”. This holds true with regard to acknowledging and accepting innovation in the field of HR as well. Innovation refers to one such new discovery, invention, idea, or breakthrough, which brings about a drastic change in the way things are perceived and interpreted. Every little change is followed by resistance. The case is the same with regard to HR innovation as well. The catch here is to simply break barriers and make way for innovation. Make a Collective Effort: In order What if? Breaking Barriers to Innovation

AI Shades

99 Shades of AI – The Talent Version

AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has started contributing massively to the HR function. The most recent involvement has been in talent acquisition and management. In times, when a time constraint is a major issue faced by most of us, AI is believed to ease things out by helping us to divert our precious time to productive activities in general. Candidates are constantly looking for jobs and workplaces that promise the utmost job satisfaction. Every single day, several emails sent by job seekers flock to the HR manager’s inbox. However, it becomes extremely difficult for hiring managers to scrutinize all 99 Shades of AI – The Talent Version

Leaders in the post-pandemic era are prioritizing mobile accessibility as employees now work flexibly between their office and home. To ensure your workforce stays connected, developing a successful mobile intranet with rich aesthetics is key. Creative Social Intranet shares some essential design tips to help you achieve this. With an ever-evolving workplace, it’s no longer enough to just be mobile-friendly – transitioning to a mobile-first approach is best for success. Create a mobile experience that puts engagement and productivity first!
Designing your intranet can be a daunting task. But Creative Social Intranet is here to make it easier! We’ve done the research and built products that are not only difficult to find in other systems but practically impossible. Our social intranet system offers unique features you won’t get anywhere else, giving you the best possible experience. No matter what size or type of organization you’re running, we’ve got you covered – from small businesses to large enterprises, our solutions are tailored for success.
When a company launches its intranet, there’s always an initial excitement and curiosity around it. Everyone checks out the main pages before signing off – but after that, things quickly go downhill. it ends up becoming just another item on their to-do list that never gets done. It’s easy for enthusiasm about a company intranet to fizzle out fast.