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What Employees forever desire from Their Intranet

Every intranet software should be designed with unique features to suit the organization it is serving. But several themes persist so often that they feel so basic for an intranet to address. Creative Social Intranet frequently does discovery work and surveys for intranet design and digital workplace strategies. Listed are the factors that stood out time and again and showed what desire patterns emerged:- 1. Employees are Overloaded with Information Employees are overloaded with communications that come across multiple platforms. They often have to employ time to filter out what is relevant to them and what’s irrelevant. Thus they desire What Employees forever desire from Their Intranet

Digital Transformation

Social Intranet: A Motor for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a big challenge for organisations today around the globe. That’s often because new digital products and businesses are the prime focus. But one big move here can indeed be a company’s very own intranet, as Creative Social Intranet shows. Creative Social Intranet is a thorough expert for all types of digital platforms and workspaces that also develops individual solutions. The intranet gives you a relatively clear idea about how well a company is prepared for the digitalisation. As expected, the digitalisation in companies is initially connected with technological criteria’s and mainly challenges the IT department. The digital Social Intranet: A Motor for Digital Transformation

Micro-Learning: The Key To Employee Engagement?

Micro-Learning: The Key To Employee Engagement?

It is important to understand having a growth mindset of employees and engaging in lifelong learning. The essential habits to foster at a cultural level should be maximized to increase customer experience. Having the chance to develop personally is one of the top five things that employees of all age groups value most in life and we also know that learning is a key driver of workplace happiness and employee engagement. It shows that employees want the opportunity to keep on learning and challenging themselves, especially when it means they can learn new skills that benefit them personally and professionally. Micro-Learning: The Key To Employee Engagement?

Intranet Solution

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Intranet Solution for Your Organization

Time and again, there have been serious debates over whether to build or buy an Intranet solution. Which is the better option? What is the best way forward? But since the digital workplace requirements have become more complex today, more and more corporate companies are switching towards vendors to help build the communication gaps within their organization. So to help you make this selection process a lot easier, Creative Intranet Solutions help you to find out the items every brand should consider when choosing an Intranet solution. 1. Firstly Prioritize your Content Everyone today wants their digital workplace intranet to be packed full of 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Intranet Solution for Your Organization

Modern Intranet

Modernization of intranet

In contrast to popular belief, the intranet is not totally old fashioned “outdated OR obsolete”. The average intranet needs an up-gradation. With the latest intranet technology platform, Creative Social Intranet incorporates critical communications and business process systems in most organizations.However, the intranet’s wrong reputation is not totally unfounded. If the intranet is not modernized, employees may not use the intranet. Today’s workplace is far more advanced than those even five or six years ago; the intranet needs to cater to more modern audiences. 21st century must be an intranet century, and in particular, enhance mobile and social computing. Importance should be given to modernizing the intranet activities. It Modernization of intranet

Leaders in the post-pandemic era are prioritizing mobile accessibility as employees now work flexibly between their office and home. To ensure your workforce stays connected, developing a successful mobile intranet with rich aesthetics is key. Creative Social Intranet shares some essential design tips to help you achieve this. With an ever-evolving workplace, it’s no longer enough to just be mobile-friendly – transitioning to a mobile-first approach is best for success. Create a mobile experience that puts engagement and productivity first!
Designing your intranet can be a daunting task. But Creative Social Intranet is here to make it easier! We’ve done the research and built products that are not only difficult to find in other systems but practically impossible. Our social intranet system offers unique features you won’t get anywhere else, giving you the best possible experience. No matter what size or type of organization you’re running, we’ve got you covered – from small businesses to large enterprises, our solutions are tailored for success.
When a company launches its intranet, there’s always an initial excitement and curiosity around it. Everyone checks out the main pages before signing off – but after that, things quickly go downhill. it ends up becoming just another item on their to-do list that never gets done. It’s easy for enthusiasm about a company intranet to fizzle out fast.