Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

Date: 29-Dec-2018

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Creative Social Intranet’s business logic is making the Intranet central to an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy for engaging a millennial-heavy workforce

Some of the important benefits of our intranet solution are anytime-anywhere access, 24X7 connectivity, remote working, and document versioning which helps keep track of the entire life cycle of a digital project including content approval, review, check-in, check-outs, etc.

Creative Social Intranet empowers enterprises with an intranet integrated with smart business tools that not just ease workforce efficiency but also automate business processes leading to time and cost savings.

How do Creative intranet solutions help enterprises realize cost savings?

Building an intranet from scratch is always considered a capital expenditure. But with Creative Social Intranet enterprise solutions, we have covered the major features required in any industry. Major features are ready with mere design customizations and advances. Your intranet development timeline is reduced to half the timeline required traditionally. Thus your development resource cost is also reduced. Creative Social Intranet gives enterprises an integrated intranet that is synced up with all technology updates from Office 365. The key advantages Creative intranet solution yields are seamless communications and effective collaboration which boost workforce productivity by an estimated 20-25%.

Today there are many applications and software for every vertical related to HR or workflows. Maintaining and updating these apps is an expensive affair for corporates. With multiple software for each vertical, the UX and UI remain inconsistent with all the apps.

With the Creative Social Intranet solution, enterprises can integrate all their legacy applications into one system which would save them a huge amount of money in hosting and maintenance of the disparate applications and more importantly give the employees unified access and look and feel.

Make your processes digital

Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

With the Creative Social Intranet application, enterprises can automate all their business processes and limit the use of paper-based forms. Enterprises can limit the usage of papers and files by using digital forms for QA departments with online-based workflows. This will help increase the efficiency of the workforce by more than 45%.

Artificial Intelligence is the next inflection point in enterprise tech. How is Creative Social Intranet using AI as a differentiator?

Creative Social Intranet will be working on a premium edition of its intranet solution that will empower every user with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered personal assistant.

Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?
Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

For instance, if you want to book a 4-member meeting room with a projector you can do so using a calendar system. Employees can log on to the intranet to view the documents they are currently working on. Likewise, employees can update the calendar with dates and times when rooms are booked for meetings with the meeting room booking system

A multilingual intranet

Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?
Where does Creative Social Intranet fit into an enterprise’s Digital Workplace strategy?

A multilingual intranet is what very few companies offer. When your employees are scattered over distances and globally, language communication is a big challenge. In Creative Social Intranet, you can translate the content you write into any language using Microsoft Cognitive Services.
With Creative Social Intranet’s Asset Management App, you can easily manage your organization’s IT & non-IT assets. The app will notify you of asset expiry and renewal, keep you up to date on the assets procured, and lets you book and track assets. You will know which employee has been assigned which asset, its return date, servicing date, etc.

Creative Social Intranet would be harnessing AI for normal response suggestions in its messaging, chat modules, etc.

Creative Social Intranet provides peer to peer employee recognition and recommendation system which can be used further at the time of appraisals. It will allow the employees to rate themselves, managers can rate them and there will be an element of sentiment analysis based on peer reviews as well.

E-learning and content management systems for better employee onboarding and exit process.

Creative Social Intranet will be introducing the feature-rich guided tour for new joiners onboarding and employee team mapping with BI dashboard compatibility which pulls data from a business’s third-party system and shows it on the intranet. From a management or team leaders point of view, they can just log into the network and view all the graphs and necessary data and KPIs within the intranet irrespective of where the data is.

Creative Social Intranet endeavors to be the preferred productivity partner for global business enterprises and will be looking to introduce more business productivity apps and automated workflow solutions on a periodic basis to deliver a premium intranet experience to its employees.



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