Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

Date: 19-Dec-2018

Strategic Intranet Designs

An intranet isn’t a website. Employees don’t see the intranet as a shopping portal. Employees don’t shop or try to be engaged on the intranet. They utilize the intranet far uniquely in contrast to they utilize the Internet. Employees come to the intranet for some fast data.

No employee goes to the intranet to “see what’s occurring” or what’s new. They need a telephone number, a shape, an arrangement, a record – and afterward, they’re headed toward a gathering, a call, or an email. So your intranet should not be an engagement portal but should have a productive feature like a calendar, event management, meeting schedules, org chart, and live support trouble ticket system.

Try not to sell employees what they don’t want. Give them a solution as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances. Style is an auxiliary concern; the utilization of shading and pictures – ought to be the exact opposite thing connected to the intranet client encounter. The inventive creator ought to be the last individual required with another intranet ‘plan’ or ‘redesign’.

If explained in one line, the intranet is not just a project but a process, task flow, and management. The intranet has more to do with people and processes than technology and advancements.

Designing a website or mobile app is not the same as redesigning an intranet. It requires a completely different approach to design.  An intranet in an enterprise is needed not for key message transfer but should enable plus productivity. So the intranet must cater jointly to both employee and business/management requirements.

When you are planning for an intranet redesign, your major focus must be on speed, access, and content. Employees seek information on priority. Millennials prefer information to be seen equally on all devices. So the intranet design, look, and feel, must come last in the design process, whereas utility, speed, and needed data should be your major target.

However, one should not overlook the UI of an intranet. It should be as simple, relevant, and easy to understand. The homepage of the intranet should have a link to all necessary information without the effort of searching.

An intranet is a business system – the gateway to the digital workplace – for supporting the entire business and encouraging communications and collaboration.

The design approach must be strategically driven: aligned with the goals and objectives of the company, it’s organization, and management. When you hire a small web designer with little intranet experience, they will focus on creating a highly visual design but often overlook the core online behaviors that drive intranet value: content, transactional content, and business processes.

An intranet design must encourage the usability of the intranet site and help in guiding employees to where they need to go while also adding appeal and assisting with engagement.

A good intranet design follows a process that fulfills:

  • Business requirements
  • User requirements
  • Strategic & functional planning
  • Information architecture usability and wireframes
  • Employee Profiles
  • Design concepts
  • Design guidelines

Intranet Redesign Planning

When redesigning an intranet, you need to follow a process that works for employees of all eras. It should be redesigned on the base of the current environment – Millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y employees, and then plan accordingly.

The intranet strategic plan begins with a vision, mission, measurable objectives, ownership, management, policies, features, information architecture, and wireframes in mind.

The intranet redesign planning should focus on the strategic elements before considering graphic design and color for the intranet home page. Detail your company’s business requirements, Undertake a user research survey, apply best practices, and then develop detailed plans. Once this is covered you can start detailing on intranet design color palette and font preferences.

By listening to your employees and stakeholders you may implement content and tools that will help employees with what they need to do their jobs, which in turn will support your intranet get the desired business goals. And of course, the best way to know and eloquent that procurements are by having defined measures that are measured on a regular basis.

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