Principles of Intelligent Automation in Action

Date: 03-Aug-2018


Automation and Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the field of technology these days. Everyone likes to automate things, and while this might have a lot of drawbacks, like losing jobs, it also has its own share of perks too. Automation can decrease your efforts but provide you with the same set of results as you would have always wanted. It can cost a lot of jobs, but it has some benefits which can only be attained if you are using things in the right manner.

With that in mind, we bring to you 3 ways for intelligent automation:

1. Train Developers on Automation

Some development and network teams don’t worry about who is going to run or execute new tasks; they just give it to Operations. In an ideal world, Operations would be involved in all new development projects, asking the question, “How can we run this unattended?” Automating IT is everyone’s business. If your developers know how automation tools work, they can help write scripts to automate processes.
Best practices in automation are about being exception-based. The more rules you have in place, the more automation you’ll have and the fewer tasks you’ll have to do. Start exercising these principles in your data center today.

2. Make it Simple

If it sounds difficult, it probably is. To get a simpler solution, step back and talk to others who have done it before. Automation happens with small steps, not big leaps. Start by automating your mundane tasks, the low-hanging fruit. Get the simple things out of the way to show your management team success early on and make yourself more valuable to your company.

3. More Rules, More Automation

Keep your automation efforts granular for more flexibility. To satisfy demands from their user community, even fully automated shops make changes to their automation software, often daily. They are constantly creating automation rules to keep up with their business. You can modify your rules interactively, without worrying about whether each shift has seen your latest changes.

Creating simpler rules will be a great idea and it is always good to automate things the right way.


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