Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work


Getting To Know VR and AR: VR essentially refers to Virtual Reality, while AR, on the other hand, stands for Augmented Reality. The concepts of VR and AR are now being used extensively in connection to HR. Even though VR has been in practice across different industries till date, AR has started finding a base

The Baywatch Theory – HR is the world disrupted by technology


HR – The Stage of Inception Human resources as a business function have been around for quite some time now. For smooth functioning, survival and success of any organization quality and happy human resources are a must. In the earlier days, the field of HR used to revolve around the HR team conducting a string

The Human Side of Work – The Good, The Bad and The Machines


Embracing automation and several technical means have become part and parcel of business organizations these days. Increasing dependency over machines is a possible replacement for the human is, in turn, a bad way of seeing at things. However, this also brings a positive attitude toward work efficiency. Depending solely upon manpower or bringing the quick

Surviving the Skills Economy

Skills Chart

Technology in today’s professional scenario is changing at a fast pace and let every one of us learn the same with each passing time. You can note the fact that, some of the professions started in early years no longer exist today as a great deal of skill set diversity has been witnessed. This is

Employee Engagement – Now or Never!

Employee Engagement

Creating a Loyal Team – In today’s date, there is cut-throat competition in the market. The same becomes relevant with regards to human resources as well. Today, professionals find it difficult to stick around with one organization for a long time. This is because rival firms are generally more than ready to offer higher and