How To Use Content To Boost Employees For Intranet Use

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If used in an accurate manner, the social intranet of a company can work wonders. It not just improves internal communication within an organization, but also provides lots of easy-to-use features to achieve business goals in a rapid way. Using intranet software can be easy, but it takes efforts for a company’s top management to

How Effective Your Company’s Internal Communication Is – Ways To Measure It

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In any kind of business, effective internal communication can result in lucrative financial rewards. On the other side, poor communication within an organization can break a great deal.   Have you tried to measure the internal communication of your company? By doing so, you can plan strategies to improve communication as well as productivity. Here

Intranet In Education: How It Benefits Schools, Colleges And Universities

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Advanced technologies aren’t limited to industries in the modern world. Today’s education sector is using various kinds of hardware and software tools to develop effective communication between employees, teachers as well as students. Through intranet software, an institute can create a private network where its people communicate, share information and contribute to success.   Intranet

How Social Intranet Helps Improve Collaboration and Communication in Organizations

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In this constantly evolving and competitive world, there is an increasing need to enhance the communication ties within a commercial setup. Be it businesses and industries or hospitals, schools, and other institutes, a major challenge of any social arrangement is to augment collaboration and communication between its employees. A collaboration tool such as social intranet

How Social Intranet Eliminates Email Overload And Improve Productivity

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Email has made a special and important place in most people’s life. Whether it’s personal life or professional work, people send countless emails to each other. This increase in email flow has lead to an overloaded inbox, which further increases the chances of important emails being ignored.   How to cut through this overflowed email