Removing the Social Intranets Wrong Belief

Date: 14-Jan-2019

social intranet misbelief

It is a wrong belief in people that social intranet is just for time wasting. The staff members just use it for their personal work like sharing photos, their vacation stories, and recipes. Modern intranet system doesn’t raise the productivity of a business and finally leads to the end of business activities.

But actually, this is not a true story today.

We are here to break these uncontrolled flourishing wrong intranet beliefs and will make clear with examples to company owners all over the world how a well-used intranet can bring a great change to your organization, bringing a countless number of business advantages. But first, we will learn what exactly social intranet means.

Redefining Social Intranets

The term intranet is usually familiar to people working in the business sector. Many companies use some form of intranet, as a central location to collect and store organizational information, business tools, and documents.

The term social intranet includes all of these points and many more things. Basically, a social intranet takes the standard of central collection center of business and revitalizes it to be a prospering oasis of communication. It also functions as a good document management systems and business process, a social intranet provides a wide range of social functionality.

This can include:

  • Company and team news
  • The ability for staff to post comments and monitor a news feed
  • Leadership blogs
  • Special groups and pages
  • Staff biographies
  • Team collaboration and project workspaces
  • Staff Directories
  • Activity walls and follow features

Social intranets are not only a place for staff for talking and disturbing others. But a universe beyond the earth to communicate, interact, and add value—both with business-related things, with the productive factors it provides, and also from a human point of view.

A Changing World

Business is nothing but just dealing with people, all organizations are just collections of people, and all business interactions are done to build relationships with other people. Whether you’re dealing with colleagues, clients, suppliers, or prospects, “working” is all about humans interacting to change something.

Global Company Collaboration

Today’s digital world requires your staff to be online. Earlier people use to waste much of their time standing in queues for a photocopy or for information required. The area of activity for interaction is now a virtual one. According to one recent survey, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. The majority of your staff are highly active in online social spaces — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat… The list rises day by day. For them, sharing personal information and exchanging ideas online is the norm.

Companies that visualize the powerful human element of business, and adapt to their worker’s online preferences, are the ones who make victory. Instead of fighting a losing battle, be proactive and create a space within your controlled work environment where staff can collaborate online and share ideas, socialize, and build connections. Rather than destroy your culture, it will be a big step towards strengthening it.

How A Social Intranet Will Completely Change Your Business?

It’s one thing to strongly acknowledge that staff interacting online is important, but it’s another thing to truly realize the tangible business advantages. Going no further; here are our top three reasons why a social intranet will completely change your organization:

1. It Enables Mass Collaboration

With a good setup of the social intranet, collaboration increases plentiful. Instead of following the old pattern of interaction which is time-consuming, social intranet provides one similar platform for all interaction to happen. It is so productive that research shows companies that use social technologies for collaboration increase their productivity by an amazing 20 to 25 percent.

Let’s look at an illustration of collaboration in action with a social intranet. Think your company is coming out with a new marketing strategy to enhance the whole customer experience. The marketing manager can directly hand over the work to the staff suitable for the task by going through the staff directory. He can appoint the right experience person to be on the project team. This team can then communicate directly on a group page through the social intranet, exchanging all information, data, and insights—without actually meeting the person and wasting time. Programs like MS Office or Google Docs can be embedded directly into the intranet, so draft documents can be worked on and updated simultaneously, in real time. No need for emailing draft documents back and forth! Once your strategy is completed, its launch can be declared on the company news feed, from which individuals can then download their own copies, and share stories about it.

Together, a social intranet provides a smooth collaboration process for teams to work together on projects, eliminating lengthy meetings, physical travel, and messy document versions.

2. It Implies Staff Engagement

It is a common saying that an engaged workforce is a productive workforce. Moreover, companies with an engaged workforce report a 22 percent rise in profitability when compared with those who have low rates of engagement.

The staff which has the quality of showing its ability can develop personal relations with colleagues, interact with their leaders and learn many new things through social intranets communication skills. which helps them to develop good relations with other staff. When they have the ability to participate in projects around the globe, they feel like they are part of a collaborative environment. Such communication, connection, and collaboration are all key drivers of staff engagement and are all provided by a social intranet.

Make use of a social intranet, and ultimately, your bottom line will benefit.

3. It Gives Rid of Information Silos

Initially, an employee leaving the company has been taking a good knowledge of your organization. It, in turn, affected the working of the organization. But Social intranets have found a solution to it. Content management systems, document management systems, improved internal communications, and collaborative environments mean that information no longer remains dumped in silos. Staff can share each other’s knowledge more conveniently and have a better insight into the bigger picture of company direction. As a result, teams build a stronger sense of identity and purpose, leading to more sustainable performance.

Say Goodbye To The Social Intranet Wrong Beliefs – Happy Engaged Employees

At the end of the day, social interactions in the workplace make for happier, more productive employees. Companies that make human-centered work practices see a marked improvement in company culture and connection to purpose. As a result, employees are happier, more engaged employees and your bottom line benefits.

Only work and no play doesn’t actually translate to a better bottom line. Allow for the human element of work, and strike a balance that allows for an enjoyable and profitable workplace.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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