Intranet & Digital Workplace – Office 365 Collaboration


Creative Social Intranet is an out-of-the-box collaboration solution that initiates a culture shift from a Social Intranet to Digital Workplace.

We provide our platform on Azure – cloud intranet solution or on-premise – installed on your LAN server with an online URL to access it from wherever you are.

Creative Social Intranet can be integrated with any commodity application you may already have in production. By integrating your current assets with our high-end design, Creative Social Intranet provides the user experience that is the roadmap to a Digital Workplace.

Already using office 365? Shift to Creative Social Intranet. Know why?

Instead of solving an Office 365 adoption problem, we take innovation at the point of departure.
This pushes us out of the mainstream thinking and includes:

1. INTEGRATION WITH OFFICE 365 – Creative Social Intranet enables ultra-deep integration without the need of depending on office 365

2. DESIGN & USER EXPERIENCE – Creative Social Intranet adopts the best of breed UI design and user experience

3. WEB RESPONSIVE – Our software can be accessed from any device, any location. WEB responsiveness, always & everywhere

4. USER ADOPTION – Adoption of the new way of working improves productivity. A project’s success depends on several factors and “User adoption” is one of the key factors based on which success is measured.

5. APPLICATIONS – Can be collaborated with Social, collaboration, intranet, Creative intranet applications, third-party applications.

6. PRODUCTIVITY – Productivity is increased by lowering the amount of labor, capital, energy or materials that go put production for any given amount of economic goods and services. Increases in productivity are largely responsible for the increase in per capita living standards.

Some of the applications created with Creative Social Intranet

1. Online e-learning applications

2. Online video streaming portal

3. Content Management Systems

4. News and Events Portal

5. Online booking systems

6. Appointment Schedulers

7. Meeting room and asset booking systems

8. Calendar management.

9. Integration with Social networking websites

10. An online food ordering system

11. Hospital intranets

12. Education portals

13. Hotel booking system

14. Online Survey applications

15. Poll management


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