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Creative Social Intranet is the best intranet platform that overcomes internal communication problems

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Undergone vulnerability & penetration tests.

Invest on people = Invest in Business

What can you expect with Creative Social Intranet


Creative employee engagement software has a response rate of 80% and more compared to standard surveys


Creative employee engagement platform gives 15x ROI in less time with increase in engagement & attrition reduction


Creative mood tracking predictions helped retain 82% of employees who are at-risk of leaving

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A Company Intranet that connects employees

Creative Social Intranet is the best intranet platform that overcomes internal communication problems

Creative Social Intranet Features

A comprehensive employee directory to pull data from multiple sources, and to add valuable data such as hobbies, interests, rewards or qualifications.

Birthday & Anniversaries celebrations are the best practices for improving employee engagement and building employee trust. Get reminded on the birthday of coworkers you follow and wish them on their birthdays & anniversaries in your company intranet.

Communication is key for practically every organization on the planet. When communication falls apart, so does everything else. This is why managers and CEOs are constantly trying to improve the quality of communication among staff members.

Nothing else can boost the confidence of your employees than a genuine recognition and acknowledgement of their sincere and outstanding efforts. A mere Thankyou note from an employer or a token of appreciation from colleagues and seniors can transform the way your employees feel about the organization. Strategies, tools and your ways of showing that you care and you know it can magically boost loyalty of your employees.

A highly adaptable help desk trouble ticket solution in Creative Social Intranet with a lot of metrics that allows to track and follow up efficiently.

Consistent learning is a driver for consistent growth. We understand the significance of imbibing a culture of learning within an organization and conundrum of making it happen the right way. Organizations that invest in an impactful onboarding and systematic learning of employees do 3 times better than those who do not in terms of their year-on-year growth and stability.

Benefits of Creative Social Intranet Software
  • Improve work culture
  • Ease of Use
  • Better communication
  • Boost engagement
  • Multiple integrations
  • Improved training
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