A Roadmap for leveraging AI & Automation for superior performance

Date: 01-Aug-2018

AI & HR:

AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has found a place for itself in both emerging as well as established sectors, HRM being one of them. The HR function as a whole has witnessed a gigantic transformation as far as activities like recruitment, selection, training, and assessment are concerned. In order to achieve individual HR objectives, it has become somewhat obligatory for organizations to make use of AI and automation mechanisms.

AI a must to boost Employee Performance:

In order to progress, it is vital for every organization to ensure that the right person is allotted the right job. Many times, due to a lack of clarity on the part of the hiring manager, a candidate, who is absolutely insignificant for a particular position ends up filling the same. The end result of this is dissatisfaction on the part of the employee and failure of the concerned department to perform as anticipated. This hurdle can be easily dealt with by taking assistance from AI. AI tools can help recruitment agencies to gather valuable information about the shortlisted candidates. Personality traits and individual skills that can benefit the organization, in the long run, can also be discovered by supplementing the efforts of HR personnel with a relevant AI tool.

Most importantly, the AI mechanism can be utilized to guide and monitor employees. It is always difficult to make an employee understand what his or her contribution to a particular project is. In cases where the duty to be performed is understood, the process that needs to be followed in order to complete the task at hand is not very clear. Most of the time, directions are imprecise as the team lead fails to communicate clearly. This is another area, which is fully taken care of by AI. There are quite a lot of AI tools, which help to disseminate bulk information and eventually feed customized data. This instills a sense of belongingness among the employees, who strive hard to do complete justice to the work allotted to them.

Performance appraisals have also been simplified due to the usage of AI tools. A great deal of transparency has been added to this process, which in turn helps make fair decisions.

Hence, it would always be advisable to introduce AI and automation techniques in your organization.



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