Employee Dash Board Features: Everything You Should Know

Date: 19-Jan-2018

As technology is improving various sectors of the business world, modern-day employer is making use of trendy intranet features to develop communication within their organization and manage manpower. Intranet networks have also become necessary due to the globalization of business and lots of security-related features it contains.

The personalization feature of the social intranet allows companies to develop its private network developed according to their requirements and organizational structure. There are various kinds of social software offered by numerous developers of the field, but most of them have one common feature: Employee dashboard.

What’s an employee dashboard?

It’s a personal dashboard of a company employee over social network software that showcases the individual’s holiday count, objectives, time log, and other information. A company can get the dashboard designed according to its needs. The employee, as well as the employer, can use the dashboard to stay updated with the performance of the individual for the company. The HR department can use the dashboard to rate the employee’s performance.

Authorized employee over the company’s social intranet are given an employee which the individual can use to operate the dashboard and book leave, access documents, and form communication with top management for necessary deliveries.

Features of employee dashboard

  • Request time off: The employee can contact HR to request time off.
  • Pay review: Through an email, the employee is informed about the salary paid.
  • Access to important documents: Through a personal document center, the employee gets important documents without moving from their seat.
  • Company calendar: Through a company calendar, the employee is notified about holidays and company events.

Get social intranet services of Creative Web Mall to have intranet software with lots of beneficial features, including an employee dashboard. Through the easy-to-use services, the company ensures that the employee, as well as the employer, is happy.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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