Creative is ISO 27001 certified company

Date: 24-Nov-2022

ISO certified intranet software

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt Ltd is now ISO 27001 Certified

The world’s internet population is growing rapidly and without a doubt, it’s an incredible development! Today, there are 5.03 billion of us here. To put that into perspective – over the past year, an overwhelming 178 million new users joined the online community – that works out to almost half a million new members each day! And the trend is only accelerating at a yearly rate of 3.7%. Of course, while all this growth is exciting, we have to be conscious of any potential pitfalls like data breaches or hacking attempts which may come as a result of larger populations making more information available on the web. Let’s stay safe and secure!

Creative software solutions are designed to help address core business challenges and maximize efficiency. They provide an open environment for collaboration where all members have up-to-date information that is available when needed and accessible on any device. The latest Creative software solutions offer a secure platform for internal communication, social collaboration, and the management of confidential information sharing across the intranet. Increased security ensures confidentiality is maintained in this process.

We’re proud to be ISO 27001 certified, which will help us keep our clients’ data far away from the prying eyes of hackers. Here are the top benefits of this new security level:

  • Security: Securely and protectively store confidential information for clients.
  • Software: Make our software even more trusty and dependable.
  • Compliance: Fulfill all relevant compliance requirements with a structured intranet solution.
  • Lower Costs: Benefit from reduced expenses when adopting this software.
  • Global Standards: Allow clients to reach global standards in info safety.
  • Data Safety: Give your customers some peace of mind that their personal data is being managed responsibly by us (your team).
  • Vulnerabilities Detection & Prevention: Spot potential vulnerabilities quickly.
  • Risk Management Solutions: Improve business performance through better risk management protocols integration.

For Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt Ltd, it is important that we observe the guidelines and regulations of the ISO 27001 Certificate. This ensures the safety of our client’s data, so nothing gets compromised – preventing costly fines for any breaches in non-data protection compliance! Additionally, having this certification allows us to maintain our and our customers’ good reputations – protecting us from cyber-attacks.


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