5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement With An Enterprise Intranet

Date: 12-Dec-2022

Boost Employee Engagement Via Social Platforms

Using an enterprise intranet to boost employee engagement in your workplace can have a significant impact on the business at every level, in addition to employee happiness.

The Impact of Poor Employee Engagement

Poor employee engagement can result in a variety of problems that spread far and wide. Improved employee engagement results in lower employee turnover, increased customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately, higher productivity and customer satisfaction lead to higher sales and more customers. On the other hand, poor employee engagement leads to feelings of disenfranchisement, loneliness, frustration, and general negativity. Staff turnover is higher in organizations with low engagement, productivity is lower, and customers are less satisfied. This results in increased expenses, poor staff, and customer satisfaction, and decreased productivity. Using an intranet to counter low engagement helps your company invest in both your workforce and customers.

5 features of an enterprise intranet that increase employee engagement

Make communication easy

  • Adoption and engagement

Enterprise intranets are effective when they are adopted and used extensively. The adoption and use of an enterprise intranet can help to even the playing field and reduce the number of systems that employees must use to communicate with one another in order to encourage longer, more frequent exchanges and increased collaboration within the company. An enterprise intranet can be used to counteract the negative consequences of the pandemic by providing employees with the ability to communicate with each other and the company in order to maintain good lines of communication and a sense of unity despite the present circumstances.

  • Keep it simple

Make sure all intranet users have access to how-to videos and help manuals to ensure they can always find out how to complete an action without stress or frustration. Intranets should be user-friendly, with simplicity at their core, so users can locate what they want and participate more deeply with the platform. Make sure you give your employees a method to report on areas that should be improved. When an improvement is identified that would improve internal communications and employee engagement, it should be reviewed, discussed, and acted upon promptly.

  • Mobile devices

Choose an intranet that offers a native app experience and complete access to your digital workplace across all devices to allow for easy employee access. Employees are more engaged when using an app that works equally well with Android and iOS, as this ensures that all staff have the same experience. For many employees, work has shifted from office-based to home-based, and they are more likely to use their mobile devices for work. In warehousing and distribution, mobile devices have been part of their tool set for a long time. To engage employees more effectively, an enterprise intranet can be used to tailor messages to specific groups of employees, thereby increasing the engagement and response rate. Having the same experience across all devices unifies the employee experience and boosts their engagement.

Build a Social Platform

  • Get Social

Use social aspects of your enterprise intranet to drive engagement and participation in your teams. Build collegial relationships and provide your employees with a voice through social channels, feeds, and media that reach everyone and generate employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Increase familiarity

Users become more familiar with faces and feel more confident interacting with others through the use of a social intranet. An organizational chart shows who’s who, and users can follow, message, or call other people in their social intranet network. Additionally, user-generated content and announcements help increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • Encourage engagement

Make sure your intranet’s social media channels are fresh and updated to maintain interest. No one wants to see old or repetitive material, therefore ensure that you have a social content strategy in place to keep things interesting and employees buzzing and engaged with the content. Give your workers the ability to publish and create in addition to interacting, creating a social setting where everyone can share and communicate.

  • Moderation tools

Prior to addressing content or comment issues, use moderation tools to keep the conversation on track and keep checking in on your enterprise intranet social channels to increase positive engagement and reduce the need.

Engagement Automation

  • Automate engagement

When creating an intranet with engagement automation, companies can communicate with their employees in the same way they communicate with customers by setting up automated workflows triggered by specific actions on the platform. This enhances employee engagement and keeps them engaged with the intranet and other employees.

  • Omnichannel engagement

Employees save time and resources by using an intranet to connect their existing channels and digitize their systems and processes. Integrate your existing channels and digitize your systems and processes to create an intranet experience that saves employees time and administration. By making your intranet the ‘go-to’ platform for your employees, you can increase employee satisfaction and engagement. By developing an intranet that is easy to use, visually appealing, and quick and simple to use, companies see an improvement in employee satisfaction and engagement, which in turn improves all aspects of the business.

Reward and Recognition

  • Custom badges

Leaderboards and mobile rewards can be a great way to increase employee engagement and make them feel valued by recognizing and celebrating their achievements. Using customized badges to recognize and celebrate employee achievements can be a great way to increase employee engagement and make them feel valued. Wherever they are or wherever they work, your staff can see their badges and get kudos via leaderboards and mobile rewards.

  • Peer recognition

Using an enterprise intranet, employees can publicly recognize their colleagues’ and co-workers’ efforts and express their gratitude in order to reward them. A leaderboard listing the people who have been recognized by the company and its employees is created.

Smart Search

  • Help employees find what they need

When employees can’t find what they’re looking for on a company intranet, their engagement is bound to suffer. In addition to documents, help, and required actions, an unintelligent search function on a company intranet causes employees to become frustrated and waste time. Choose an enterprise intranet that has an efficient and simple-to-use search function so that your employees never experience frustration or lost time looking for material on your intranet.


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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