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Business Processes

The Benefits of Automating Business Processes

Automating business processes is particularly important in procurement, where advancements to high-volume processes can lead to considerable savings and also long-term value for your organization. Understanding the advantages of automating business processes will give your organization an edge in building not only more well-organized and gainful workflows and controls but also a competitive advantage. Thus with the help of the right tools and processes, you can automate and modernize all your business practices to achieve your company’s targets for value, savings, as well as operational excellence. Creative Social Intranet uses automation software i.e. a modern intranet software solution to take The Benefits of Automating Business Processes

Employee Engagement Strategies

Enhancing the Employee Engagement Strategies For A Diverse Workforce

Enterprises have a great channel of vendors, freelancers, and workforce scattered globally. These are unique demographic groups as individuals have their own meaning of life, their own version of the roles towards the enterprise, their own set of motivational fundamentals, personal KPI boxes, and bucket lists which they secretly keep ticking as they go about building their employer’s business. With these diverse groups, workplaces where women represent 48 percent of the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF), it has become crucially important for employers to support, motivate and understand this diverse group of workforce. For employers, it’s important Enhancing the Employee Engagement Strategies For A Diverse Workforce

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digital transformation 2020

Digital Transformation

Historically, outrages of epidemics have created a disheartening effect on humankind. Today Covid- 19 pandemic is not an exception. The majority of the population has been quarantined at home, on the remote mode via Zoom, Hangouts, or Skype. First time ever in the whole generation such an immediate and unprecedented global problem has impacted a large number of lives across the globe. Whatsoever this situation has been so far, history also complies that the human spirit still prevails in such a face of challenge. A crucial responsive action against such a pandemic will critically affect the digital landscape. Such adaptive Digital Transformation

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Who is responsible for employee engagement?

Employee Engagement is not just jargon. Many surveys show that an engaged employee is likely to be productive as compared to an unengaged one. In today’s competitive world Employee engagement is an important force in any business, as an engaged employee will feel more connected to the job and the organization which will infuse positivity at the workplace. Employee engagement doesn’t necessarily always have to be connected with the work factor, it could mean having tea or coffee with colleagues, engaging and getting to know them better, and getting to know the work culture of the organization. Nowadays, workplaces have moved Who is responsible for employee engagement?

SaaS, or subscribing to an inside system arrangement facilitated by the supplier, can be a great option for short-term and long-term plans. It’s easy to manage without having to own the software, it doesn’t require a big upfront investment (most SaaS offerings are pay-as-you-go), and setup is usually quick – so you can get started right away! But don’t forget to consider what would be best for your future goals. Think long-term and weigh your options before making a decision.
Intranets focused on being social can provide a single entry point into the digital workplace, but they may not be able to fully deliver when it comes to collaboration and employee self-service. Independent platforms are often better at providing these services, allowing employees to collaborate effectively and quickly access what they need.
A social intranet can be a powerful tool for employees, offering an easy way to collaborate and stay engaged. With the right software, your business could experience real benefits like improved communication, better teamwork, and increased productivity.