5 Benefits Of Micro-Learning That Organizations Can’t Ignore

Microlearning has grabbed the attention of organisations and employees alike. It provides various benefits which has made it a favoured option among eLearning developers as well as learners.

a)Cost effective:

The  micro-learning requires less time and resources for the preparation and delivery which decreases the length of the development cycle and production cost goes down. It is also easier to update a single module as it does not affect the other modules due to its modular design. Regarding the learning procedures, microlearning is suitable for many stages from pre-training, during-training to reinforcement. It can’t help but say that micro-learning delivers great value which is cost effective.

b)Engage Learners:

For capturing learners attention, micro-learning is the most beneficial product. As it comes in various, it helps to build  learning experiences and increasing learner interest. Bite-sized learning is a practical approach to the learning style. It is thus loaded with interactions and rich media which attracts and hold their attention every few minutes. The digital generation has grown up with the internet, smartphones etc and as a result they want learning to be brief, accessible, relevant and of course engaging. 

c)Boosts retention rates:

It is said that the human brain absorbs and retains information better in smaller bits. So studying small theory in short information is an optimal solution, as it is discovered that human brains couldn’t maintain focus for long periods of time. It gives learners digestible and specific information that they can apply right away. That way they can constantly process, reflect on, and evaluate the information.


Micro-learning turns short duration to good advantage. It filters out unnecessary content while focusing on the need-to-know one. Micro-learning prevents learners from wasting time in searching for what they need as it provides specific and targeted information. 

e)Perfect for mobile learning:

Nowadays people want on-demand learning with quick and efficient information. They want to learn anywhere and at anytime. It can be a smartphone, a tablet, or any other handheld devices where they can find an infographic, for instance, to fill up their few spare minutes. Because of this micro-learning with its short and concise content is ideal for mobile learning.

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