Virtual Onboarding of Fresh Hires Post Lockdown

Date: 21-Jul-2020

As new appointees come on board during the lockdown and ahead, companies in India and also globally have shifted from physical onboarding programs to innovative, fully virtual experiences that aim at making new joiners who are working from home feel well included and fully welcome.

For new hires missing out on the direct contact and camaraderie of a physical workplace, companies are rolling there are regular video and audio calls with new joiners to help them settle into their new roles …

Inventive organizations are finding many advantages of virtual onboarding employees these include:

1. Stronger Employee Experience

A magnificent onboarding process sets the pitch for the entire employee experience. Virtual onboarding gives a chance to showcase things like company culture, employee development, and regular check-ins to show new hires that you care about their skill at your company.

2. Higher Employee Engagement

Employee Onboarding software helps employees feel extra connected to their organization, and also to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Set your new hires up with an online buddy and help them to learn about the company in a more interesting way.

3. Better Employee Retention

Organizations with a well-built onboarding process perk up new hire retention by 82 percent. This must begin with the employee onboarding process soon after an offer letter is signed, as approx 11 percent of candidates have changed their minds after signing. Pull out a warm welcome and provide a smooth changeover from a candidate to a new hire. Remove the paperwork out of the way so your employee’s first day can be filled with celebration, introductions, and easy early learning. Then carry on with your onboarding process for the next 90 days ensuring new hires properly incorporate and understand their new roles—and eventually stay for a longer term.

4. Easier Talent Attraction

An engaging online onboarding program that offers a stellar employee experience can go an elongated way in helping you not only retain good talent but also it can help you attract strong fresh candidates.

5. Stronger Company Culture

Building a strong, planned company culture and inputting it throughout your enrollment and onboarding processes can help you attract and retain the right candidate. 69 percent of companies that spend on employee onboarding software have reported easier incorporation into the corporate culture. Use things like onboarding materials to highlight employee stories and the company wins in reinforcing your values and ensuring cultural alliance.

6. Increased Productivity

New hires usually need the best part of a year to rise to full productivity. Virtual Onboarding employees can aid in speeding up this process, decreasing the time to expertise and improving productivity by over 70 percent. Great onboarding software always helps the new hire become connected to the organization and facilitates relationship-building among employees.

It also includes goal setting, regular manager check-ins, and employee development plans so employees know what is expected out of them, where they stand currently, and how they can improvise.



So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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