Manage company services / good suppliers digitally in Covid era

Date: 13-Aug-2020

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How to manage/handle company services and good suppliers digitally in the COVID-19 pandemic era ?

To flourish in today’s fluctuating economy; your business will require every advantage it can muster. What penetrates into your business through your supply chain is as valuable as what goes out to your consumers and clients—and in order to increase your success; you need an efficient and strategic method for managing your vendor relationships.

Apt vendor management is a balancing act that involves maximizing value, building strong relationships, and supporting your company’s short- and long-term objectives.

Depending on the volume of your business, your purchasing department might work with anywhere from a few to hundreds of vendors, each with its own contract terms and pricing. It might sound disheartening, but nevertheless, you can still establish an endearing management process for your vendors with some cautious planning and strategic thinking.

Importance of Vendor Management in 2020

Vendor management is the system your company uses to interface with external suppliers and covers everything like substantial investments i.e. IT services and insurance along with everyday goods and services. The capabilities, dependability, and affordability of each vendor can have a considerable impact on your company’s bottom line.

Therefore, vendor relationship management (VRM) is basically risk management and an essential business process in creating value and giving your company a cut-throat competitive advantage in the wider prospect.

Creative Vendor Management software helps organizations implement agile sourcing with smart procurement, mechanize intelligently, engage suppliers, and make changes easily.

Creative Vendor Management software provides one all-inclusive solution to permit modern sourcing practices, full contract lifecycle, supplier performance management, catalog-based requisitions, PO-based buying, supplier collaboration, and end-to-end invoice management that include quick capture, auto-matching, exclusive routing, approvals, and payment processing too.

Creative Vendor Management software can be installed as an integrated source-to-pay suite as well as an independent module inclusive of Creative Social Intranet, CAPEX, OPEX, and employee onboarding.

Our esteemed customers benefit from nimble sourcing, responsible buying, leaner accounts payable, and the finest buyer and seller experience.

  • Buy easy with intelligent procurement
  • Drive efficiency with smart automation
  • Push innovation and manage supplier risk
  • Make parallel buying decisions and sourcing strategies
  • Build value while avoiding leakages
  • Steer conformity and savings with agile sourcing


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