Latest Employee Engagement Trends for 2024

Date: 06-Jan-2024

employee engagement trends 2024

Several trends were notable in India in 2023 regarding employee engagement. Below are the best trends that will continue to be on priority in 2024.

1. Remote Work Adaptation:

With the shift to remote work, companies focused on maintaining engagement among dispersed teams. Strategies like virtual team-building activities, enhanced communication tools, and flexible work arrangements gained prominence.

2. Wellness and Mental Health Initiatives:

Companies increasingly prioritized employee well-being by offering mental health support, stress management programs, and wellness benefits. This trend aimed to address the challenges brought by the pandemic and foster a healthier work environment.

3. Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

There was a growing emphasis on creating more inclusive workplaces, promoting diversity, and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. Companies were implementing policies and programs aimed at fostering diverse and inclusive cultures.

4. Technology Integration:

The integration of advanced technology tools for employee engagement, such as AI-driven feedback systems, personalized learning platforms, and virtual collaboration tools, became more prevalent.

5. Continuous Feedback and Performance Management:

Organizations started adopting continuous feedback mechanisms and agile performance management systems to facilitate regular communication between managers and employees, promoting growth and development.

6. Purpose-Driven Work:

Employees increasingly sought companies with a strong sense of purpose. Organizations that aligned their values with social causes and demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Several studies and surveys highlighted various facets of employee engagement in India:

  • Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report (2017): This report suggested that only around 13% of employees in India were actively engaged in their jobs, while about 60% were not engaged, and the remaining 27% were actively disengaged.
  • Aon’s Trends in Global Employee Engagement Report (2020): It reported that India had an average engagement score of 61%, which was higher than the global average of 60%. However, this still indicated room for improvement.
  • LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index (2020): This index revealed that around 34% of Indian professionals felt more productive working remotely, indicating a shift in work dynamics due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Deloitte’s Global Millennial Survey (2019): It found that Indian millennials were more positive about their organizations’ diversity and inclusion efforts compared to their global counterparts, with 81% believing that their organizations fostered an inclusive work environment.
  • SHRM India and BI Worldwide’s Engagement Survey (2019): It highlighted that organizations with effective employee engagement programs in India experienced 2.5 times more revenue growth compared to organizations with lower engagement levels.

These statistics provided insights into the state of employee engagement in India, emphasizing both the areas of strength and areas that required improvement in different organizations across the country. However, for the most current and comprehensive data, it’s advisable to refer to recent surveys and reports specific to the present year or the most recent period available.


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