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Engagement or Connection?

Why is a Connected Workplace Better than a non connected one? We all have been seeing the term “connected” workplace screening up a lot more in many business articles. To end this curiosity, let’s do some digging and learn more about ‘connected workplace’. One can’t find a single definition for it. You may realize that “connected” may precisely be a more accurate term than engagement. When we talk about employee engagement, we usually talk about employees being engaged towards their work or their position or the company as a whole. In short, the employee is engaged with rather something. Connected on Engagement or Connection?

As we navigate digital transformation during the global pandemic, it’s essential to take a human-centric approach. This is one of the best ways to promote employee engagement and foster meaningful connections between teams. Companies should take this time as an opportunity to invest in training sessions, communicate clearly, and create bonds that will last well beyond the crisis.
We recognize the effectiveness of engaged employees – both in terms of productivity and satisfaction. Thus, investing in employee engagement is a sound decision. In order to ensure that all levels can take accountability, we suggest permitting staff to share their insights with managers while simultaneously holding the organization responsible for making positive impacts regarding individual-level events. This will give them a sense of control and also motivate them to make critical decisions. Ultimately, it is through everybody’s combined efforts – from individuals to organizations – that an engaging repair is possible. Boost Engagement Staff Engagement Platform provides an opportunity for firms to achieve this ambition.
“Measuring employee engagement had long been regarded as a difficult task due to its subjective nature. Today, however, the situation is different. Today, more and more businesses are embracing intranet software in the drive to evaluate and boost employee engagement, which was previously regarded as a major hurdle.”
Digital transformation and creative social intranet technologies can bring brands closer to their customers. For a successful change, leaders need a clear vision and an innovative environment. Here are four steps that will help promote this kind of growth. Encourage a leadership team with a compelling vision, Communicate a strong agenda for change, Foster a fair digital culture, and Inspire revolutionary teams who accept and embrace the changes ahead.
Connected workplace is an increasingly popular term being used in the business world. It suggests that employees are connected to their work and position, as well as to the company itself. Connectedness means having a sense of purpose and feeling like part of a larger team or organization. Engagement goes beyond this by focusing more on how employees interact with their environment, colleagues, and tasks.