Monthly Archives: July 2018

NASSCOM HR Summit 2018

Learning new aspects of Life and Work management, Learning the ‘Art of Learning’, Importance of Listening skills and many many more things like emotional intelligence and a never give up attitude. Had a wonderful time being in session with Dr. Kamal Hassan ji. Good experience at the NASCOMM HR summit 2018. #art #research #social #humanresources […]

The Social Employee Directory On Your Corporate Intranet

Employee Directory in Creative Social Intranet is designed and developed to be used in company intranet to improve internal and external communication. Putting spotlight on individuals or teams Recognising an employee or a group of employees who make significant contributions to your organisation improves productivity at workplace. Employee directory helps you display individuals or teams […]

Employee Engagement Tips and Benefits

Employee engagement is all about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potentialā€. How would you explain the concept of Employee Engagement!!! Employee engagementĀ is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation. It helps employees to give of their best each day, […]

Various Level of Employee Engagement Across the Generations

A lot can be said about the various generations that make up the human capital, but very few organisations can concretely differentiate between these generations and what drives them. Before the generations and their motivations can be identified and engaged, we need to gain insight into how these eras are categorised and what shaped them. […]