Create events, invite colleagues, and have your Zoom details included in the meeting details with the Creative Social Intranet integration with Zoom.

Zoom intranet integration

The Creative Social Intranet integration with Zoom makes booking meetings easy. Create events and invite colleagues with your Zoom details included in the invitation. All it takes is a couple of clicks to start a Zoom video conference, screen share, and all the Zoom features you trust and love. Set up the integration in a few clicks and all your employees can access Zoom through your intranet.

Making booking meetings easy

Book from within your existing intranet. Invite through email with your Zoom details already included in the invitation. Zoom’s easy video conferencing, screen sharing, and video recording features you love and trust are now accessible to everyone through your intranet.

Connect your intranet with Zoom

Make it easy for your team to collaborate with Zoom video meetings. Invite colleagues from your intranet and share the Zoom link to connect. Once connected, employees can start any meeting, share their screen, or join from a mobile device all within the intranet. Plus, you’ll also be able to book meetings from your company’s intranet calendar.

The Creative Social Intranet system integrates with the Zoom video conferencing platform so your employees can take advantage of all the Zoom features they love in a few easy clicks.  

Intranets shouldn’t be complicated: There’s nothing worse than a complicated intranet. That’s why we made it easy to connect your Zoom account with your Axero intranet. Let the integration handle plugins, events, and sharing so you can get back to doing what you do best. By connecting your intranet to Zoom, employees will have an even better experience.

Create events and invite colleagues with Zoom

Admin allows you to create events based on specific business needs. You can easily filter event categories, add links to existing start pages and order your event list to reflect their importance.

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