Bring your Unsplash images into your Creative Social Intranet photo library.

Insert beautiful images from Unsplash into your designs

Connect your Unsplash library to your intranet so employees have one less platform to open. With the Creative Social Intranet integration with Unsplash, your employees have an “Unsplash” tab to find the perfect image they need to create content. Set up is simple and using it is just as easy.

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Schedule meetings as soon as possible. Our Zoom connection saves all of your conference information in your intranet, allowing you to organise and send events with half the work already done.

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Stream events live on the Creative Social Intranet. With the Creative Social Intranet + Vimeo collaboration, you can stream and save live events in Creative Social Intranet while also utilising Vimeo’s back-stage publishing facilities. Maximum involvement!

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Bring your ServiceNow incidents into your intranet with the Creative Social Intranet integration with ServiceNow.

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