What better place to stream an event than in your organization’s digital hub? Easily live-stream events on your intranet with the Creative Social Intranet + Vimeo partnership.

Hosting Vimeo live-streams on Creative Social Intranet.

Hosting a webinar? Streaming an event? Broadcasting a town hall?

With the Creative Social Intranet and Vimeo partnership, you can stream events to your Axero platform in real-time! By embedding Vimeo events, you can reach and engage users within your intranet. Videos automatically save in Creative Social Intranet, giving your organization a living library of video content to reference in the future.

Make your content engaging : You get access to Vimeo’s market-leading production tools, like visual effects, graphics, speaker options, and slides, while users can be active participants without having to leave the intranet platform.



Scheduling made easy. Create events, invite colleagues, and include Jitsi links in your calendar details with the Creative Social Intranet integration with Jitsi.



Bring your Unsplash images into your Creative Social Intranet photo library.



Schedule meetings as soon as possible. Our Zoom connection saves all of your conference information in your intranet, allowing you to organise and send events with half the work already done.

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