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So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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Is Employee Engagement the new key to organizational success?

Enterprises are Shifting Towards Social Intranet Almost all managers would have the same opinion that motivated, productive engaged employees are essential for organizational success, irrespective of the company size, the type of industry, or corporate strategy. The question simply is how to motivate them. Tendering employee’s performance-based incentive pay is one common tried and tested approach. It usually occurs in one of two types: Occasionally, these incentives do work the way managers intended them to. But many a times these methods of performance based incentives can backfire, causing controversial behaviours among employees, complaints about unfair distribution of incentives, or work overload Is Employee Engagement the new key to organizational success?

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Employees are the face of the company

Research shows that when your employees are connected and engaged, business booms. There is an economic link between employee satisfaction and company financial performance. Watch this video to know about the importance of employee engagement and employee satisfaction at work So how does employee engagement helps in company productivity? Know the importance of employee engagement software to improve employee job satisfaction We know engagement drives performance for individuals, teams, and organizations…so contact us…CREATIVE SOCIAL INTRANET and keep your employees engaged