Employee Appreciation With Creative Rewards And Recognition On Intranet

Date: 08-May-2022

Rewards Recognition

Employee Appreciation Day is one of the many days on the modern workplace calendar, but is it anything more than a clever marketing tactic? People prefer to celebrate and be celebrated on special events like commemorative days. Nine out of ten Americans agreed that they “feel special” when their birthday is “celebrated with a lot of excitement.”

Employee Appreciation Day Might Be Significant.

Dr. Madeleine Mason Roantree, a psychologist, believes that the significance of hosting a celebration to express our gratitude for another person originates from our capacity to create memorable moments that provide meaning to our daily lives. Consider our mental state to resemble a battery that might be fully charged, completely depleted, or somewhere in the middle. You are more likely to make better judgments, endure tough people, be more attentive and focused, and feel more empowered and confident when fully charged.

How Can We Help Our Coworkers’ Egos Become Stronger?

One method is to take pauses. There are a plethora of scholarly studies that demonstrate that taking breaks is helpful not just to workers but also to their productivity. Taking a break for lunch, scheduling uninterrupted concentration time, and taking micro-breaks to stretch fatigued muscles can all help to reduce stress and boost productivity. Weekends and extended vacations are obviously ideal for psychological healing and resetting, but even brief breaks throughout the week may help you feel better.

The Significance of Employee Appreciation and Performance Recognition

Marking events with employee appreciation and recognition is one approach to fostering positive feelings in a company. According to Deloitte, companies that implement well-structured employee recognition programs have a 14 percent edge in employee engagement, productivity, and performance over those that don’t. Taking the time to thank team members for their efforts makes sense when you consider that a 15% boost in employee engagement might result in a 2% increase in revenues.

Thank-You Notes to Appreciate Staff’s Ideas

Line managers will inevitably make that decision, but here are some broad suggestions for increasing recognition. Public employee appreciation ideas: A celebrity wall: A classic at workplaces and frontline venues across the world. Create a wall of fame for staff accomplishments, going above and beyond, or living up to business ideals, and you’ll have a simple but powerful public gallery in no time. Sharing your employees’ achievements on external social media is a terrific method to promote their accomplishments and can assist in attracting future job seekers.

Low-Key Appreciation Ideas

Some people prefer to be rewarded in a low-key manner rather than in the spotlight. Here are some suggestions:

Send an Email

In the current multichannel communication world, email is likely the most basic instrument. A properly written email may bring encouragement and confidence to an individual. So, simple does not necessarily equal irrelevant.

Lunch Date

Taking colleagues out to lunch is another quieter approach to thanking them for their contributions. A meaningful approach to thank them for a job well done is to take a break from your desk and enjoy some nice meals.

Thank You

While a heartfelt “well done” from their line manager will be remembered by the employee, nothing beats the CEO, or another senior-level official, making a beeline for the worker to congratulate them on their achievements.


If a CEO or senior leader is unable to interact with an employee in person, creating a celebratory video is a quick and easy method to reach out to them.

A Home Delivery

Anything from a small gesture to a larger present may have a huge impact. Returning home to find a present delivery is always a treat, and it will be gratefully welcomed with a sincere expression of gratitude.

Build a Place Where People Love Expressing Gratitude

Whether you go public or private with your employee appreciation, be sure you take advantage of the technologies available to make the message even more impactful. You may promote personal blogs and build communities or forums where employees can discuss achievements while sharing comments and appreciation.


Finally, when it comes to recognition, it’s critical to listen to your employees and understand what they want to hear. Take it to the people and ask them how they want to be acknowledged. If you ask the topic in a suggestion box or through pulse surveys, you could get additional suggestions for how to improve your workplace.

We at Creative Social Intranet know what it takes to create tactics that make employee appreciation as strong as possible inside your organization. When executed correctly, our four-step method may help your company reimagine its staff experience and transform it into an unrivaled customer experience. Here are the four steps:

  • Inducing Innovation
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Driving Competitiveness
  • Improving deliverable Quality


So what’s the one way that can boost your employee engagement?

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