Digital Transformation

Why use AI in HR ?

“Computerized reasoning – the term is both inspiring and bewildering. Nowadays, AI can likewise prompt superlative worker commitment.” One-of-a-kind capacity of people is the way they react and respond to innovative advances. Organizations need to move from customary methods of activities to present-day, inventive, and innovation-oriented tasks, and a clever utilization of AI in your HR procedures can spare time, cash, and human exertion. Employee commitment, in straightforward terms, is the energy with which employees approach their occupations. It is additionally a measure of inspiration and a pledge to the association. The least difficult way you can quantify representative commitment Why use AI in HR ?

The Baywatch Theory – HR is the world disrupted by technology

HR – The Stage of Inception Human resources as a business function has been around for quite some time now. For smooth functioning, survival, and success of any organization quality and happy human resources are a must. In the earlier days, the field of HR used to revolve around the HR team conducting a string of interviews and having in-depth conversations with prospective employees both before and after joining the job. A great level of personal touch was involved in all these dialogues. It was during this time that HR personnel were viewed as elderly souls, who were ever willing The Baywatch Theory – HR is the world disrupted by technology

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