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Putting The Power Of The Cloud Into Your Intranet

Cloud-based intranet software is a great way to keep your employees connected and productive. As our workforces become more mobile, cloud-based intranet software is providing enterprises with the technology to communicate, collaborate and drive productivity effectively. Creative Social Intranet award-winning cloud intranet combines beautiful design with unparalleled functionality to deliver a best-in-class digital workplace solution that empowers employees to work smarter from anywhere in the world. With deep integration capabilities that let you turn your intranet into a launch pad for all your business apps and tools, Our cloud intranet offers the complete bundle for a digital workplace, Cloud Intranet Putting The Power Of The Cloud Into Your Intranet

ISO certified intranet software

Creative is ISO 27001 certified company

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt Ltd is now ISO 27001 Certified The world’s internet population is growing rapidly and without a doubt, it’s an incredible development! Today, there are 5.03 billion of us here. To put that into perspective – over the past year, an overwhelming 178 million new users joined the online community – that works out to almost half a million new members each day! And the trend is only accelerating at a yearly rate of 3.7%. Of course, while all this growth is exciting, we have to be conscious of any potential pitfalls like data breaches or Creative is ISO 27001 certified company

Creative Social intranet at Nasscomm

Creative Social Intranet at NASSCOM HR Summit 2018

NASSCOM HR Summit  The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) organized an executive debate on current HR trends this past week. The session focused on the topic “Employee Engagement to Employee Effectiveness: Achieving Returns and Delivering Results,” acknowledging the changing perceptions of employees about their employers and their work. Examining the role of HR in fostering an organizational culture that encourages millennials, gig workers, and robots to coexist and prosper is possible at the NASSCOM HR Summit 2018, which will be held in Chennai. Additionally, it talk about how HR will influence the business partnership strategy in the Creative Social Intranet at NASSCOM HR Summit 2018

Creative Social intranet at World HR Summit Goa

Creative Social Intranet at the World HR Summit Goa 2018

The World HR Summit 2018 is all about the Future of the Working Environments, the Future of Human Resources, Future Smart HR Management Systems and its impact on the Society. This two-day Summit aims at transforming the way one thinks about the HR Profession and shifting your paradigms to perspectives that you have not yet considered. The Summit is all about going “beyond” the ongoing HR debates, becoming an impressive journey and must-attend highlight for a progressive HR curriculum. The World HR Summit 2018 will address the technological changes that are impacting HR and also considering technology in the context Creative Social Intranet at the World HR Summit Goa 2018

Creative Social Intranet at SHRM summit in Bangalore

Creative expanding its network in SHRM summit Hyderabad, one the largest HRM summit in India

SHRM Tech Conference, The SHRM Tech Conference, which focuses on the quickly changing workplaces, exponential technological breakthroughs that are driving this transformation, and HR’s expanding position as the engine of this revolution, has become Asia’s fastest-growing HR Technology Conference. The conference brings together HR and technology professionals from the area and covers key developments in HR Tech through a variety of pertinent seminars and demos. The conference brings together the top professionals from across the world to discuss how technology can change the face of HR while showcasing ground-breaking workplace technology. What is in Shrm Conference? The focus of SHRM Creative expanding its network in SHRM summit Hyderabad, one the largest HRM summit in India

Creative Social Intranet can make life easier for small business staff! It gives everyone the power to choose how they receive crucial information like updates, news, documents, events, and contacts. Plus, your team can rest assured that their data is secure. This intranet makes it simpler to collaborate, saving time and effort so your staff can do what matters most.
On this special occasion of the 74th Republic Day, let’s ignite a fire of patriotism by investing in next-generation creative social intranet software. This innovative employee intranet portal provides organizations with an all-inclusive platform for sharing inspiring thoughts and ideas, uploading photos from events, sending notifications, and organizing polls to track results – all through one secure login!