Monthly Archives: March 2018

Cloud – Based Intranet

In today’s industry, cloud based intranet technology helps businesses in developing strategies to expand business services.It is not just effective, but also cheaper and can be designed as per companies convenience. The best among them is an open-source cloud based intranet on SAAS.

What Exactly Is Employee Experience And Why It’s Important

Organisations use various types of online strategies as well as off-line methods to improve employee engagement and maintain a healthy workplace environment. But that’s not enough for overall employee experience. But, what is employee experience? Everything that happens to an employee at workplace is employee experience. It’s an umbrella term that includes activities related to […]

Employee Engagement: Who ‘OWNS’ It And How To Do It

As organisations don’t hire people who can keep a close watch on employee engagement, it becomes difficult to ensure employees are engaged in a productive manner. When it’s not effective employee engagement, nobody can be called responsible for it. Every company wants to improve employee loyalty, but they don’t understand who could be assigned the […]

Employee Engagement Strategy To Grow Business – All You Need To Know

Actively engaged employees are productive workers. But engaging employees isn’t as easy as it seems. It is time-consuming as well as frustrating sometimes. In today’s competitive business industry, employee engagement is important to stay ahead in the competition. What’s employee engagement strategy? As every business and its services are unique it in own way, its […]

Why You Need An Outstanding Intranet For Better Employee Engagement??

Some have a hunch that employee engagement is keeping people occupied at work-place. An employee working non-stop for many hours a day isn’t an engaged worker. Then who exactly an engaged employee is? Employee engagement is an approach where a healthy work environment is provided to employees where they can be productive and work for […]