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The Best Intranet Ideas India

Traditional intranets are ever more out-of-date. Rooted in older technology focused on only one-way communications, most of them have become little more than mines for standing content – a place to find documents, filled forms, directories and occasional announcements.

“Construct a powerful intranet and employees will start using it” is a common myth in organizations. Regardless of successfully deploying the intranet, user adoption and user engagement continue to remain a challenge.

Redefine Employee Engagement

Personalized Intranet Content

Traditional Intranet goes by the motto “One size fits all model”, which is no longer an efficient strategy if you want engaged employees. Not all employees want to view uniform content on the intranet. Delivering valuable and personalized content will create an urge among employees to visit the intranet at regular intervals and there will be a high probability of an increase in the adoption rates.

Here are a few of the methods that an organization can use to enable customized intranet usage namely:-

  • Personalized content updates
  • Personal bookmarks & tools
  • User preferred content subscriptions
  • View colleagues’ subscriptions
  • Employee status updates

Ultimately user experience is what matters, if an intranet is able to create a valuable personalized experience for your users, there is more likelihood of employees feeling engaged while using your intranet. Intranet personalization permits organizations with few benefits like improved organizational culture, increased levels of employee engagement, enhanced productivity, lower navigation time, etc.

Employee and your Brand

For any trend to start and to be well adapted among it needs to have a name, a personality that gives it its identity. Naming your Intranet gives it an identity and a platform to be recognized. Other than the name what distinguishes the intranet from one another is its functionalities.

Modern-day intranet understands the importance of employee recognition and has come up with an integral functionality to highlight the same in a separate noticeable section that is visible to the entire organization. Moreover, adding content that highlights the achievements, best practices, and values will foster a culture of innovation.

Outline intranet culture by aligning and inspiring employees around your brand’s proposition.

Internal Job Opportunities

Hiring from the company itself gives a lot of benefits like- not having to explain the company policy, the ease in onboarding of a new position, etc. Employees can grab the opportunity to work at their preferred position without having to search for new avenues on different platforms, thereby increasing the adoption rate. This can save a great deal of time, money, and energy on the part of the managerial staff.

Make Organisational Metrics Visible

Not every employee is aware of what’s going on in an organization. Employee knowing the happenings in an organization is a huge boon to the workforce, as it motivates the employee. Frequently sharing the organization’s metrics, enhances the employee engagement process. Employees also take pride in knowing the position of the company they work for. Making Organization’s metrics visible results in frequent visits to the intranet.

Industry Insights

Employees with detailed knowledge about the industry they work for are a boon. If you want to improve that number in your organization, then providing a channel of self-improvement for your employees by dedicating a space in your intranet, detailing industry insights and the current trends would just do the trick. Broadcasting industry information in this way helps to boost overall employee efficiency.

Organizational Updates

According to a Gallup report, 74% of the employees are disconnected and feel that they’re missing out on company information and news. Engaged employees are an asset to the company. If you are somehow able to convey the story about the company in an engaging manner, it is highly likely that there will be a positive synergy among the employees on your intranet. Having interactive content is a popular social media strategy used to boost engagement. If you were to apply the same strategy on your social intranet, you may be able to increase employee engagement. If your content is unique and exciting, your employees are bound to keep visiting the intranet.

CEO News

As essential as the role of the CEO is, so is the word of the CEO. A few words from CEO can be quite motivating and engaging for the employees to work hard. This news can be a short announcement of a meeting or a company get-together or the latest news, blogs, and stories, thereby giving your employees interesting content, that they’d want to keep coming back to read.

User-generated Content

One-way communication and contribution can be quite boring and there will be no variety in the content. Therefore, encouraging users to contribute blogs and media from their end and interacting with the posted feed would result in a lively and engaged feed. It will also help employees to understand the views, opinions, and ideas of other employees. Following such a practice would give a much more authentic tone to the content posted and can quickly gain credibility among employees. This process will ensure that there is variety in the feed.

Make the Intranet Fun

Organizing events, mid-week parties, and occasional happy hours- all of these would make the workspace quite fun and engaging. But to be able to do this on an Intranet is even more amazing and would guarantee engaged users. An intranet can have a specific section or zone specifically for entertainment to effectively gain engaged users. A few ways to engage the employees would be:

  • Sharing Pictures
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Share employee feeds and client appreciations
  • Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and displaying these moments on the portal and more.

A Dynamic Content is a Dynamite

An intranet can be a powerful tool and an essential workspace for your employees to train, learn and develop. It can be used in different company matrixes like engagement, onboarding, rewards, and recognition. Many corporates consider the intranet as a project with a start and end date. Once they launch and make the essential tools available on the intranet, they consider the project to be completed and move on. However, this entirely defeats the purpose of the investment made into the intranet. Cautionary or corrective measures, including unique, dynamic, and engaging content on your intranet, will bring you back to the game and will improve intranet adoption, and keep your employees coming back for more.

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What can Corporate do to Enhance Intranet Adoption Rates?

A true intranet solution provides employees with a private, secure online network where they can communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, and develop the company culture. A robust intranet strategy should prioritize employee engagement, timely updates, and ease of access to the data. While in the planning and developing stage stake holders should consider various aspects such as why should employees use the intranet. How will it benefit them? etc.

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