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Add, Modify or Delete multiple level categories for your intranet site wide links through this easy to use Content Management feature in Creative Social Intranet.

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Easily Manage Intranet Site Wide Links

Creative Social Intranet gives you intelligent control of your Intranet portal content. Our Social Intranet CMS features gives you the resources to manage and organize your website content without having to know HTML or other complicated programming tools. Creative Social Intranet allows you to add and edit content using a graphic user interface right inside your intranet portal to make various updates from any Internet-connected computer.

Intranet CMS software

Intranet CMS software

Add,Edit or Delete Multiple Pages

You can easily Add, Edit or Delete pages from Admin of Intranet, in CMS section. You can create multi level categories. Creative Social Intranet allows you to add custom site wide links in header and footer of your Intranet. Advanced search option is also available in admin of Social intranet to search for various pages in your CMS section. One can change the status of page to Show or Hide on Intranet site. This way, you need not delete the page. Store content in your intranet CMS database and change the status accordingly.

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