Intranet development Telangana
Intranet Development Telangana

An exceptional web program. Organise information, manage projects and activities, encourage employee involvement, and enhance communication using a low-cost on-premises or on-cloud intranet system.

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Excellent Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement & Communications

We opted to go ahead with Creative for our Intranet Portal development as it fulfilling our most important criteria of easy customization as per our needs. Creative has delivered whatever is agreed upon and the team was very helpful during our implementation phase as well. We have been using Creative Intranet Portal for Employee Engagement, Communication, Collaborations and our added Processes like Leaves & Attendance, Reimbursements, Business Travel etc.

No. of Users
1001-5000 employees
Why Intranet Development in Telangana

Population of Telangana

Hyderabad became the capital of the newly created state of Telangana on June 2, 2014. Telangana has India’s seventh-largest economy.According to the human development index, Telangana is the 22nd-ranked Indian state. Telangana is the twelfth most populous and eleventh largest state in India. It has an area of 112,077 km2 (43,273 sq mi) and 35,193,978 people as of the 2011 Census.


Telangana has a 66.46% literacy rate as of the 2011 Census.


Telangana’s second official language is Urdu, which is also one of India’s classical languages, and Telugu, which is the state’s primary language.


Agriculture is the primary sector of Telangana’s economy. The main crop is rice. Cotton, sugarcane, mango, and tobacco are further significant crops.


Telangana is a mineral-rich state, and the Singareni Collieries Company has coal reserves. Cotton farming and neoliberalism

Information Technology

Hyderabad is known as “Cyberabad” in the services industry due to the presence of significant software industries there.The state has become a key hub for the booming IT software, industry, and services sector. The Hyderabad area is home to many significant manufacturing and service companies. Moreover, the state has started to emphasize biotechnology and information technology. One of India’s top states for IT exports is Telangana. In the state, there are 68 Special Economic Zones.


The primary industries in Telangana are horticulture, poultry farming, mining and minerals, textiles and clothing, pharmaceutics, automobiles and auto parts, spices, mines, and auto components.Numerous significant manufacturing and service sectors are active, primarily in the Hyderabad area. The main industries in Telangana are agriculture, horticulture, poultry farming, mining and minerals, textiles and clothing, automobiles and auto parts, and spices.

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Intranet Development

Why choose Creative Social Intranet?

Increases in employment than ever before now work from home or another non-office location. If you want to improve your company’s performance and achieve your objectives, you must now have an interesting, modern digital workspace. Intranet software will allow you to arrange whether you will return to work in person, partially online, or fully offline.

An innovative intranet application. A cost-effective on-premises or on-cloud intranet system may organize material, manage tasks and activities, promote staff involvement, and improve communication.

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