Centralize all of your files with the Box integration for Creative Social Intranet , so your documents are always easy to find and up-to-date.

Integrating Box across all your apps is easy.

Centralize all of your documents with the Box integration for Creative Social Intranet. Your intranet always has the latest file version with our automatic sync––in both ways and across all devices.

  • Search files fast — Everyone has one trusted place to get what they need and do their jobs.
  • Increase productivity — Work smarter. No more shuffling between platforms to get a task done.
  • Content is always up-to-date — You’re always looking at the latest document version with our two-way sync.
  • Extra layer of security — Use Box as external storage for documents.

All of your files live right in your intranet, saving your employees time by giving them access to the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. And Axero becomes the single place for managing your organization’s knowledge.

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The Dropbox integration for Creative Social Intranet is an easy way to unite all of your documents, right in your intranet.


Google Drive

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SharePoint Online DocumentsLogin

Creative Social Intranet easy-to-use interface and powerful search makes it easier than ever to access your SharePoint documents and folders from your intranet.