Best Intranet Software Solutions India

Best Intranet Software Solutions India

Opt for our Intranet solutions or demand for custom intranet options to get complete digital workplace experience. We plan solutions for all types of companies and industries, big and small!
You can select from two options, either opt for cloud intranet hosting or choose one-time payment to get a lifetime license.

Our ample unique features that can assure you how Creative Social Intranet is today the best intranet software solutions in India

Core features + optional add-ons

Creative Social Intranet brings you all the features your digital workplace needs naming a few: Collaboration with teams, sharing content, engaging your co-workers, customizing interface, add- on features and many more.

In the cloud or on-premises

Creative Social Intranet supports both Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server 2013, 2016 & 2019. Creative Social Intranet balances from small companies to multinational enterprises.

Manage your groups and collaboration tools

When managing between various workspaces and tools get exhausting, correct teamwork brings everything together in one view and allows the administrators to have full control of the group life cycle.

Collect and nurture ideas in a fun way

It is always important to encourage fresh ideas, collect and nurture them in a fun way and assist employees to get the best out of them.

Most popular Digital workplace

Creative Social Intranet is easy to use and also beautiful to look at. Our Intranets are specially designed in keeping with the user in mind.

Intranet + Idea Management + Teamwork

Creative Social Intranet supports teamwork that makes the entire process of ordering, approving and managing multiple groups easy and hassle-free.

Get continuous updates

Now keep all your employees continuously updated by making important announcements using the news alert pop up on your Intranet dashboard.

Mobile App for iOS and Android-

Now your Intranet is always on a go. Our smartphone-ready intranet is accessible on cell phone browsers as standard Mobile App, or via the official Claromentis app on iOS or Android.

News Publishing

​Target and send news by group divisions. You can engage your people in comments and like too. Also permits adding images with drag & drop function.

Highly interactive and easy UI

Creative Intranet software is highly interactive, designed for the millennials and is easy to understand by any generation.

Event Hub

​Now keep a track on any upcoming internal events, conferences or recurring webinars at the blink of an eye.


Creative Social Intranet is perfect for monitoring employee engagement levels, getting feedback on the new initiatives, or for choosing your next company socials. Our insightful polls feature provides the user with instant data that can be turned into positive actionable results.

Advanced Search

Creative Social Intranet utilizes SharePoint’s powerful search experience. Thus, tracing relevant information becomes easier and faster.

Open vacancy Positions

Allows you to bring in the right person to the right position by utilizing Creative Social Intranet’s in-house recruiting tools.

Quick Links Navigation

Helps in quick navigation links to promoted content by the use of the Intranet front page shortcuts.


Creative Social Intranet FAQ includes a vibrant, user-friendly UI and question categories that help in creating dedicated FAQs as and when needed.

Social Integrations

We help you to determine the volume of required social features, a set of communication tools, social integrations and customizations.

Available as an add-on - Multilingual

Creative Social Intranet is now available in more than 20+ languages. And also has a wide variety of localization options too.

Group Analytics

Creative Social Intranet enhances communication and collaboration between workers, managers, suppliers and partners.

Lifecycle Management

Creative Social Intranets Lifecycle Management feature helps you to have the old content removed and archived automatically, or create a task to review content once it reaches a certain date. It keeps your intranet up-to-date, and ensure that content always stays fresh.

Personalised Support

Increase user experience by tailoring and personalising content to user needs and communicating and supporting in a more personal way.

Activity scores

Employees can be motivated with an activity scoreboard so that their every contribution for the company will be converted into points which can be redeemed into monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Analytics dashboard

You can customize Creative Social Intranet to look like your brand. Creative Social Intranet doesn’t look like your regular SharePoint. It can be fitted to your corporate brand without coding as and how required.

Fast Deployment

It supports fast deployment by giving an option to choose between the platforms, level of service and delivery time, anything that suits your organization’s needs.

E-learning, Onboarding, Gamification – Addons

Extended formal onboarding programs aid you to see superior levels of employee retention and reduced time to productivity. Gamification versions of training material boost knowledge retention and employee engagement.

Advanced Services

Our advance services include Information Architecture & Planning, Setup, Branding, Training, Support & Maintenance
We also provide features like Migration, Bespoke development, Governance Model Planning, Launch Planning