Best Intranet Portal Solutions India

Best Intranet Portal Solutions India

Premium Intranet Software Solutions India

Well, an intranet portal is nothing but a gateway that will unify access to company information and applications on the company’s intranet. It is a means that helps an enterprise to manage its data, applications, and information more effortlessly and that to through personalized views.

Again an intranet portal is a private network. It’s built using internet technologies. It's usually only available to employees of the company who are authorized to use it.

In the beginning, the first intranet portals were easy and trouble-free. They offered very little ability to publish or view company information and policies. But times have changed; now intranet portals tend to be more powerful, more influential. Its added features include shared file storage, virtual workspaces, collaboration areas, spot messaging and quick IT support systems among many other components. An intranet portal is often addressed as an intranet, company intranet or staff intranet.

Have a quick look at Creative Social Intranet portals benefits

An intranet portal can prove to be a boost to your business if implemented successfully, For instance:

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  • Enhanced communication : A good intranet portal is also known as a communications hub. It should be the place your people go for instant help or information (though it shouldn’t replace face-to-face communication).
  • Increased efficiency: An intranet portal can boost effectiveness in many ways. For example, you'll have less paperwork to handle.
  • Consolidated resources: A good company intranet portal provides a gateway to human resources and also customer database.
  • Superior security: An intranet portal proves to be a more safer place to share company documents.
  • Better Staff coordination: An intranet portal can be particularly useful if your business has several branch offices or there are employees who work from home. It ‘s a channel that keeps staff in touch, even when they're out of the office.

Creative Social Intranet portals functions

An intranet portal can incorporate online instruction content to help your team develop skills and stay refreshed. Streamline leave applications, assessments and more. The process can take place on your intranet portal rather of on paper. An intranet portal provides employees a place to ponder tactics, intention, and plan — opening up your company.

Intranet for health care organizations

We all need that one platform for all Healthcare employee communication, content, collaboration & employee engagement…

Intranet for Banks

Creative Social intranet solutions helps banks, wealth management, and financial firms drive innovation for an improved customer experience.

Intranet for Schools/Colleges

Powerful eLearning grants you the strength easily, and keep the school staff, techers, parents and students notified and up-to-date on the newest policies and ideas.

Intranet for startups

Creative Social Intranet cloud based solutions for small companies and startups

Intranet for Financial Institutions

Intranet software for credit unions, banks, and financial services gives bank employees, managers and directors secure access to your institution’s information whenever they need it.

Corporate Intranet Solutions

Our Corporate Intranet is tailored to the way employees interact, companies cooperate and businesses build power and performance through modernized enterprise rules.