Best Intranet Hosting Solutions India

Best Intranet Hosting Solutions India


A hosted intranet consolidates the safety of a hosted intranet with the potential of online collaboration mechanisms to save money and improve productivity. HyperOffice allows a user-friendly and affordable hosted intranet so companies can locate information anytime, everywhere with just an Internet attachment.

Cloud Intranet Solutions

Cloud intranet has evolved the world and has established it permitted for companies to work without a proper office or a server assistance. This starts up, a world of opportunities for those encouraging their employees to work remotely. When it comes to IT demands, it can resemble as if everyone has been following towards the cloud.

Hosted Intranet Solution

Now this is the need of the hour….

All companies need to understand and explore the fact that sharing information with colleagues is critical to teamwork and productivity.

Hosted intranet will transform your workplace giving colleagues, customers, and vendors access to online information.Now, the immediate next question will be asking yourself whether or not you have the IT infrastructure to build and maintain an intranet?

We at Creative Social Intranet will assist you to resolve this query.

How Hosted Intranet is Right for You?

Access information anytime, anywhere : A hosted intranet gives you to access information anytime, anywhere within minutes with just an Internet connection.

99.9% reliability guaranteed: At Creative Social Intranet, security is a top priority with smart features like secure offsite facilities, redundant servers for 99.9% reliability, real-time back-ups, free upgrades, spam, and virus protection.
Earlier building an intranet used to be costly and complicated. With Creative Social Intranet you can access your hosted intranet in less than 2 minutes! Here there’s no software to install and no servers to maintain and above all we serve as your IT department,with all ease.

Saves money and increases productivity: A hosted intranet helps save money and increase productivity by combining the security of a hosted intranet with the power of online collaboration tool. Creative Social Intranet offers a user-friendly and affordable hosted intranet so businesses can access information anytime, anywhere with just an Internet connection.

So what are you waiting for??? Start using Creative Social Intranet’s Hosted Intranet Today

Hosted Intranet features

1. Intranet Software Solution

Without any need for hardware or software instantly set up a thriving company intranet with dedicated workspaces for teams, departments and employees.

2. Online Collaboration Solutions

From anywhere on the planet ,securely share and collaborate on critical business information with employees, partners and clients.

3. Video Conferencing &
   Group Chat

Bring your teams together with Video Conferencing & Group Chat

4. Document Management Solutions

It will assist you in easy storage, access, share and collaborate of documents with employees and partners from anywhere on the planet.

5. Online Project Management

Manage online multiple globally scattered project teams,  create tasks, set responsibilities & time, work on files & more..

6. Work Management

Now on a single platform , you can manage every process, project, document, conversation contacts, and also the team.

7. Online Database Solutions

Creative Intranet Solutions includes professional email, project management, calendaring document management, and contact management tools also.

8. Customer Experience

Effective intranet solutions will take your sales, support and service to the next level by adding personalized touch of video, audio and chat interactions in the customer journey.