Best Intranet Chat Software Solutions India

Best Intranet Chat Software Solutions India

Creative Social Intranet

Best intranet chat software is an expert interface software that advances your organization collaboration. This software will equip you with a lot of chat features such as one-to-one chat, call/video conferencing, screen sharing, Screen clippers, Notes sharing etc. Its an immediate messaging app for a company which can assist any program or device. Centralized Log warehouse, Active record combination empowers your business collaboration ever much stronger.

Chat Bots

Chatbot, a tool application that affects human communication, or chat, by artificial intelligence. Typically, a chatbot will converse with a real person, but applications are being formed in which two chatbots can associate with each other. A chatbot has also defined as a chatterbot.


AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence methods by devices, especially computer systems. Special applications of AI cover expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision, Learning, Planning, and Problem-solving.