Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition


Know How Employee Value Proposition is proportional to Talent Experience Value Proposition

February 21, 2019

Employee Value Proposition aka EVP is a set of values which are offered to the employees by their employers. They are often used to attract new hires and also help...

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Employee recognition tool

Employee strategic recognition with Creative Social Intranet

September 19, 2018

Employee Recognition Tool We understand what all it takes to build strategies that work towards making employee recognition as powerful within your organization. The four-step process, when followed the right...

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Future of Organization

Building Future Skills – Ready Organisations

August 1, 2018

In the constantly changing world, it has become of prime importance that we keep our employees knowledgeable enough, and in the process keep them updated with the latest happenings in...

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Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood

June 27, 2018

The Millennials Baby boomers are at present the largest generation of active employment. As per Gartner report, baby boomers distinguish their strengths as organizational memory, optimism, and their readiness to...

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Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.

June 23, 2018

Introducing Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recommendations & Certifications in Creative Social Intranet. What is employee recognition? Employee recognition can be defined as timely, informal or formal appreciation...

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Women in Tech – Time to Lead the Way !

May 10, 2018

It is hard to escape the fact that several technical means have certainly led to the success, growth, and development of a business organization. By taking a clear transition from...

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What Exactly Is Employee Experience And Why It’s Important

March 19, 2018

Organizations use various types of online strategies as well as off-line methods to improve employee engagement and maintain a healthy workplace environment. But that’s not enough for overall employee experience....

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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement: Who ‘OWNS’ It And How To Do It

March 16, 2018

As organizations don’t hire people who can keep a close watch on employee engagement, it becomes difficult to ensure employees are engaged in a productive manner. When it’s not effective...

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Employee Engagement Strategy

Employee Engagement Strategy To Grow Business – All You Need To Know

March 15, 2018

Actively engaged employees are productive workers. But engaging employees isn’t as easy as it seems. It is time-consuming as well as frustrating sometimes. In today’s competitive business industry, employee engagement...

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