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Collaboration Software

modern intranet

Modernization of intranet

January 8, 2019

On the contrast to popular belief, the intranet is not totally old fashioned "outdated OR obsolete". The average intranet needs an up-gradation. With latest intranet technology platform, Creative Social...

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Intranet Project Strategic Planning

Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

December 19, 2018

An intranet isn't a website. Employees don't see intranet as a shopping portal. Employees don't shop or try to be engaged on the intranet. They utilize the intranet far uniquely...

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Creative Social Intranet Features

Elevate Internal Communications With Intranet News

December 8, 2018

Give your employees the knowledge and brace to effectively do their jobs with efficient internal communications. Keep employees and subordinates up-to-date and informed of the plans and activities of your...

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Intranet & Digital Workplace – Office 365 Collaboration

November 26, 2018

Creative Social Intranet is an out-of-the-box collaboration solution that initiates a culture shift from a Social Intranet to Digital Workplace. We provide our platform on Azure - cloud intranet solution...

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Significance of Corporate Communication Software

August 10, 2018

We understand the deep-rooted and outstanding benefits of workplace collaboration that help drive measurable business outcomes. Few of our Corporate Communication features in Social Intranet Organizations that are able to...

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Custom Intranet Solutions

Delivering a Connected Employee Experience

August 2, 2018

At the end of the day, Employee experience is of extreme importance for the organization's success. According to a survey conducted by The Future Workplace, the majority of employers (83%)...

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Employee Dashboard

Out Thinking Workforce Experience – A Practical Take

August 2, 2018

The business landscape is constantly evolving and we may see a change in the coming years. Every business works on a diversified approach and if we are able to manage that...

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The Promise of Work Tech

August 2, 2018

Technology is at the forefront of every business and everyone wants to implement the best technology for optimum results, but while this is one side of the story the other...

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HR Tech

The HR Technology Market in Disruption – What is Coming Next??

August 2, 2018

What does the HR Technology Market have in store? HR, which is a human function, made it a point to rely heavily on human factors in order to achieve an...

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AI & Automation

A Roadmap for leveraging AI & Automation for superior performance

August 1, 2018

AI & HR: AI better known as Artificial Intelligence has found a place for itself in both emerging as well as established sectors, HRM being one of them. The HR...

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Intranet Solutions

Masterclass – Is everyone meant to be a people leader?

August 1, 2018

Getting promoted at work is generally happens due to improved performance, managerial tactics, better client handling, successful completion of projects and various others. But, the actual reason lies within you...

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Employee Directory

The Social Employee Directory On Your Corporate Intranet

July 20, 2018

Employee Directory in Creative Social Intranet is designed and developed to be used in company intranet to improve internal and external communication. Putting spotlight on individuals or teams Recognising an...

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Engage Employees and Reinforce Training with Quizzes in Intranet

July 17, 2018

Gauge employee satisfaction level, assess E-learning, Create fun and competitive environment between different teams and regions and motivate employees with quiz module in Creative Social Intranet. Digital Quiz competitions in...

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