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The Future of Work Human Innovations Or System Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is penetrating every major industry from healthcare to advertising and from transportation to finance as well as legal and education, and now it is also entering inside the workplace. Many of us may have already interacted with a chat-bot which is an automated yet personalised conversation between software and a human user. Whether […]

Make Skills and Expertise Count – Driving Innovation with Learning

Do you worry about being left behind as technology changes the way you work? The right business innovation strategy gets you to market faster and grows your profits. Innovation is a tricky thing to bring into an organisation because it’s so multi-faceted. There are many types of innovation, there are many people to consider, and […]

The Promise of Work Tech

Technology is at the forefront of every business and everyone wants to implement the best technology for optimum results, but while this is one side of the story the other side states that not everyone can implement it right and thus end up on a losing end. Many activities that workers carry out today have […]

Custom Intranet Solutions – How does INNOVATION really look like?

What is Innovation? Innovation is the process of modernising and upgrading the existing techniques and processes that complete an organisation. A good amount of research needs to be carried out before initiating innovation of any sort. Support from internal and external human resources that have direct or indirect impact on an organisation is equally important. […]

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

Getting To Know VR and AR: VR essentially refers to Virtual Reality, while AR on the other hand stands for Augmented Reality. The concepts of VR and AR are now being used extensively in connection to HR. Even though VR has been in practice across different industries till date, AR has started finding a base […]