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As Coronavirus cases continue to decline in many countries, HR professionals must remain vigilant. Protecting employees and organizations is paramount in the face of this global pandemic. Practical steps such as workplace health protocols, decreased meetings and travel, medical checkups, employee flexibility, and open communication can help ensure both a safe environment and efficient business operations with the cooperation of the entire team.

The Employee Onboarding software is a great way to keep track of individual progress and performance. However, the HR Department can also use it to identify areas for improvement with the onboarding strategy. For example: if the new recruits are finding it difficult to complete their tasks, the HR Department can identify which online training resources are most challenging and then figure out why there is a disconnect. It could be that the online designs are way too cluttered which the new employees aren’t able to absorb information which leads to frustration and diminished productivity.

How HR can keep people safe from Corona virus

The outbreak of Corona virus, a pandemic as declared by The World Health Organization, has been disastrous so far. To fairly deal with this COVID-19 How HR can keep people safe from Corona virus

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How Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

In every organization, HR department has one of the primary responsibilities that is to recruit new employees and ensure they are up to speed. It How Employee Onboarding Software helps HR Department

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