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Removing the Social Intranets Wrong Belief

It is a wrong belief in people that social intranet is just for time wasting. The staff members just use it for their personal work like sharing photos, their vacation stories, and recipes. Modern intranet system doesn’t raise the productivity of a business and finally leads to the end of business activities.Right? But actually, this is not a true story today. We are here to break these uncontrolled flourishing wrong intranet beliefs and will make clear with examples to company owners all over the world how a well-used intranet can bring a great change to your organization, bringing a countless number of business advantages. But first, Removing the Social Intranets Wrong Belief

Modernization of intranet

In contrast to popular belief, the intranet is not totally old fashioned “outdated OR obsolete”. The average intranet needs an up-gradation. With the latest intranet technology ASP.net platform, Creative Social Intranet incorporates critical communications and business process systems in most organizations.However, the intranet’s wrong reputation is not totally unfounded. If the intranet is not modernized, employees may not use the intranet. Today’s workplace is far more advanced than those even five or six years ago; the intranet needs to cater to more modern audiences. 21st century must be an intranet century, and in particular, enhance mobile and social computing. Importance should be given to modernizing the intranet activities. It Modernization of intranet

Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

An intranet isn’t a website. Employees don’t see the intranet as a shopping portal. Employees don’t shop or try to be engaged on the intranet. They utilize the intranet far uniquely in contrast to they utilize the Internet. Employees come to the intranet for some fast data. No employee goes to the intranet to “see what’s occurring” or what’s new. They need a telephone number, a shape, an arrangement, a record – and afterward, they’re headed toward a gathering, a call, or an email. So your intranet should not be an engagement portal but should have a productive feature like a calendar, event management, meeting schedules, org chart, and Strategic Intranet Designs in 2019

Intranet & Digital Workplace – Office 365 Collaboration

Creative Social Intranet is an out-of-the-box collaboration solution that initiates a culture shift from a Social Intranet to Digital Workplace. We provide our platform on Azure – a cloud intranet solution or on-premise – installed on your LAN server with an online URL to access it from wherever you are. Creative Social Intranet can be integrated with any commodity application you may already have in production. By integrating your current assets with our high-end design, Creative Social Intranet provides the user experience that is the roadmap to a Digital Workplace. Already using Office 365? Shift to Creative Social Intranet. Know why? Instead of solving an Office 365 adoption Intranet & Digital Workplace – Office 365 Collaboration

E-learning systems for enterprises

Make Onboarding and Learning Fun for Employees with Creative Social Intranet. We can help build and impart effective onboarding to new employees and enhance the e-learning experience for existing employees by bringing your content on a highly interactive platform. eLearning is cost-effective as compared to traditional forms of learning. The reason for this price reduction is that learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. Advantages of e-learning for employees Ensure the success of your e-learning and onboarding programs with the Creative Social Intranet e-learning tool.

The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst in prompting businesses to pivot to remote working, leading to the concept of employee experience being catapulted into the limelight. This sudden shift to remote working has had both positive and negative effects. While some businesses were able to remain operational, many employees were facing high levels of stress and burnout due to the changed circumstances. Creative Social Intranet advocates the usage of employee experience software to track a variety of employee-centric metrics.
Creative Social Intranet has found that acknowledging the importance of marking an occasion to express gratitude to another individual helps make moments unforgettable, giving depth to our day-to-day lives. Imagine our mental state is likened to a battery – it could be full, totally exhausted, or somewhere in between. When your battery is full, you’re more likely to make sound decisions, deal with challenging people, pay attention and concentrate more easily, and feel emboldened and assured.
Social networks can provide a better way for companies to communicate and collaborate. With traditional emails, there is often an overload of messages that employees need to sift through, making it hard to find important information quickly. Additionally, when someone leaves the organization, the valuable knowledge locked in their emails could be lost forever. Social networking software helps businesses overcome these issues by ensuring that key data isn’t forgotten. By using this method, organizations are better able to stay connected and on top of their operations.