Employee Engagement

The Ultimate New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Have you ever been hired for a new job and felt nervousness and excitement leading up to your first day? And then, you have arrived on your first day of work, fill out a bunch of paperwork, someone shows you to your desk and introduces you to a couple of coworkers, and then you are sort of just left to fend for yourself. There are some simple things that you can do to combat the expense and struggle of employee turnover. The first thing is Onboarding. Research has found that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a The Ultimate New Employee Onboarding Checklist

Modern Training Tracking System For Employee Onboarding

Owning modern training tracking software is vital for employee onboarding. When new employees enter your organization, it is important to ensure that they are brought up to speed on the company’s procedures and policies as soon as possible. Using this training tracking software it ensures that the training procedure is the same for every employee and that everyone receives the same knowledge in order to perform successfully. a) Set up personalized training plans: The modern training tracking system has the ability to set up personalized training plans for new employees. There will be a generalized training that everyone in the Modern Training Tracking System For Employee Onboarding

Benefits Of Using Video For Employee Onboarding

It is already difficult to hire or promote qualified candidates if there is a labor shortage and skills gap. According to an article from SHRM, new employees who went through a proper and structured onboarding program were 65 % more likely to be with the organization after three years. Nowadays, employees are eager to learn about the company, their department, and their new role. They want to match the speed of other existing employees as quickly as possible so that they start doing their job and increase their work performance. Here, the question arises that how to build this enthusiasm Benefits Of Using Video For Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Software And Some Popular Myths To Dispel

Employee Training is a necessity for every new hire. Even the most experienced employees need help in mastering a task, tools, etc that are unique in the organization.  Below are some common misconceptions that must prevent you from obtaining the best return on investment and engaging new members. Onboarding Software Is Only For Large Organizations: The new hire training onboarding system is a sensible investment for every organization that plans to hire new employees. Not just large companies with sizable budgets and hundreds of employees but also small or medium business that doesn’t have much room in their budget for Employee Onboarding Software And Some Popular Myths To Dispel

New Employee Onboarding Kit Works Great As A Marketing Tool

Nowadays, onboarding welcome kits are becoming more important due to employee onboarding process in most of companies. When a new hire joins it is important to make him feel welcome and integrate him into the company’s culture and the social climate of the workplace. A company makes sure that they get every aspect of the welcome kit right. They want to make sure that it is something which is picture perfect.  A collection of new employees show a great promotional product which can ultimately find its way to Instagram or other social websites, acting as a free advertisement. Thus the New Employee Onboarding Kit Works Great As A Marketing Tool

The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst in prompting businesses to pivot to remote working, leading to the concept of employee experience being catapulted into the limelight. This sudden shift to remote working has had both positive and negative effects. While some businesses were able to remain operational, many employees were facing high levels of stress and burnout due to the changed circumstances. Creative Social Intranet advocates the usage of employee experience software to track a variety of employee-centric metrics.
Creative Social Intranet has found that acknowledging the importance of marking an occasion to express gratitude to another individual helps make moments unforgettable, giving depth to our day-to-day lives. Imagine our mental state is likened to a battery – it could be full, totally exhausted, or somewhere in between. When your battery is full, you’re more likely to make sound decisions, deal with challenging people, pay attention and concentrate more easily, and feel emboldened and assured.
Social networks can provide a better way for companies to communicate and collaborate. With traditional emails, there is often an overload of messages that employees need to sift through, making it hard to find important information quickly. Additionally, when someone leaves the organization, the valuable knowledge locked in their emails could be lost forever. Social networking software helps businesses overcome these issues by ensuring that key data isn’t forgotten. By using this method, organizations are better able to stay connected and on top of their operations.