Employee Engagement

Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood

The Millennials Baby boomers are at present the largest generation of active employment. As per Gartner report, baby boomers distinguish their strengths as organizational memory, optimism, and their readiness to work long hours. The millennial employee generation grew up in enterprises with large corporate hierarchies, rather than flat management structures and teamwork-based job roles. Millennials have an extremely varied outlook on what they prefer from their work experience. The Millennial generation employees are basically well educated, skilled in technology, able to multi-task and have plenty of energy. Millennials prefer to work in teams, rather than as individuals as they have Concepts Your Millennial Employees Wish You Understood

Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.

Introducing Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards, Recommendations & Certifications in Creative Social Intranet. What is employee recognition? Employee recognition can be defined as timely, informal or formal appreciation of a person’s or team’s behavior, effort or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values. To be really productive in your job, you need to perceive the psychology of appreciating others for their good work, to apply the principles of employee recognition yourself and to motivate others to initiate it in their work culture. Recognition is a core human need. Employees respond to acknowledgement expressed through recognition of Peer to peer Employee Recognition & Rewards in Creative Social Intranet.

Why use AI in HR ?

“Computerized reasoning – the term is both inspiring and bewildering. Nowadays, AI can likewise prompt superlative worker commitment.” One of a kind capacity of people is the way you react and respond to innovative advances. Organizations need to move from customary methods of activities to the present day, inventive and innovation-oriented tasks, and clever utilization of AI in your HR procedures can spare time, cash and human exertion. Employee commitment, in straightforward terms, is the energy with which employee approach doing their occupations. It is additionally a measure of inspiration and pledge to the association. The least difficult way you Why use AI in HR ?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

Getting To Know VR and AR: VR essentially refers to Virtual Reality, while AR, on the other hand, stands for Augmented Reality. The concepts of VR and AR are now being used extensively in connection to HR. Even though VR has been in practice across different industries till date, AR has started finding a base for itself only now. VR believes in creating a simulative environment so that one gets to enjoy reality in a falsely created arena. Exactly opposite is AR, which aims to create a worthwhile alloy between a business function and digitalization so as to exploit the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Go To Work

The Baywatch Theory – HR is the world disrupted by technology

HR – The Stage of Inception Human resources as a business function have been around for quite some time now. For smooth functioning, survival, and success of any organization quality and happy human resources are a must. In the earlier days, the field of HR used to revolve around the HR team conducting a string of interviews and having in-depth conversations with the prospective employees both before and after joining the job. A great level of personal touch was involved in all these dialogues. It was during this time that HR personnel were viewed as elderly souls, who were ever The Baywatch Theory – HR is the world disrupted by technology

The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst in prompting businesses to pivot to remote working, leading to the concept of employee experience being catapulted into the limelight. This sudden shift to remote working has had both positive and negative effects. While some businesses were able to remain operational, many employees were facing high levels of stress and burnout due to the changed circumstances. Creative Social Intranet advocates the usage of employee experience software to track a variety of employee-centric metrics.
Creative Social Intranet has found that acknowledging the importance of marking an occasion to express gratitude to another individual helps make moments unforgettable, giving depth to our day-to-day lives. Imagine our mental state is likened to a battery – it could be full, totally exhausted, or somewhere in between. When your battery is full, you’re more likely to make sound decisions, deal with challenging people, pay attention and concentrate more easily, and feel emboldened and assured.
Social networks can provide a better way for companies to communicate and collaborate. With traditional emails, there is often an overload of messages that employees need to sift through, making it hard to find important information quickly. Additionally, when someone leaves the organization, the valuable knowledge locked in their emails could be lost forever. Social networking software helps businesses overcome these issues by ensuring that key data isn’t forgotten. By using this method, organizations are better able to stay connected and on top of their operations.