Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Tips and Benefits

Employee engagement is all about how we create the conditions in which employees offer more of their capability and potential”. How would you explain the concept of Employee Engagement!!! 1. Encourage Employees to Speak Up Every employee should get the same and equal opportunity to open up, speak up. Bring out his/ her ideas or views on the product he/she is dealing with. This help to bring out the best in them and lead to company growth.Creative Social Intranet Solution provides features such as one to one chat, group chat, live video conferences, etc which enhances further communication factors in a large Employee Engagement Tips and Benefits

Various Level of Employee Engagement Across the Generations

A lot can be said about the various generations that make up the human capital, but very few organizations can concretely differentiate between these generations and what drives them. Before the generations and their motivations can be identified and engaged, we need to gain insight into how these eras are categorized and what shaped them. Baby Boomers – Those who are born in between (1946 – 1964) Marked by a worldwide spike in birthrate following the end of World War II Generation X – Those who are born in between (1965 – 1977) Marked by events such as falling of Various Level of Employee Engagement Across the Generations

Engage Employees and Reinforce Training with Quizzes in Intranet

Gauge employee satisfaction level, assess E-learning, Create fun and competitive environment between different teams and regions and motivate employees with quiz module in Creative Social Intranet. Digital Quiz competitions in your intranet enable employees to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box’. Quiz games are like mind sports wherein the players, either as individuals or in teams attempt to answer questions posed to them correctly, for winning the competition. Benefits of Quiz module in your intranet 1. Digital quizzes motivate employees When the whole world is going digital, digital quizzes can be used to motivate Engage Employees and Reinforce Training with Quizzes in Intranet

Encouraging Emotions at work

Real-Life experience of Mr. Sony Surana, MD for Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd., curator of Creative Social Intranet. How emotional intelligence is becoming vital to humans’ success in the increasingly digital future of work. “Sometimes back, My office colleagues were returning home in an auto rickshaw on this rainy day. When the rickshaw cut across the traffic and slammed into a water pit. The auto rickshaw fell upside down and the people inside were startled, and concussed. The first thing they did was to call me in office. I could have sent my office peon, as I was in Encouraging Emotions at work

Man Versus Machine

So will machines really supplant people later on? It was in 1997, when Deep Blue, IBM’s supercomputer, crushed Gary Kasparov, the prevailing scene Is a machine really quick-witted than humans? Will machines replace people later on? This wasn’t about modern machines that could lift up substantial material or force metal that measured measurements of tons. This was about the machines with intellectual capacities. Truly, it was just to play chess that it was customized; however, this one accentuated the way that a machine can without a doubt be modified to think and act like people. Numerous are still under the Man Versus Machine

The Covid pandemic acted as a catalyst in prompting businesses to pivot to remote working, leading to the concept of employee experience being catapulted into the limelight. This sudden shift to remote working has had both positive and negative effects. While some businesses were able to remain operational, many employees were facing high levels of stress and burnout due to the changed circumstances. Creative Social Intranet advocates the usage of employee experience software to track a variety of employee-centric metrics.
Creative Social Intranet has found that acknowledging the importance of marking an occasion to express gratitude to another individual helps make moments unforgettable, giving depth to our day-to-day lives. Imagine our mental state is likened to a battery – it could be full, totally exhausted, or somewhere in between. When your battery is full, you’re more likely to make sound decisions, deal with challenging people, pay attention and concentrate more easily, and feel emboldened and assured.
Social networks can provide a better way for companies to communicate and collaborate. With traditional emails, there is often an overload of messages that employees need to sift through, making it hard to find important information quickly. Additionally, when someone leaves the organization, the valuable knowledge locked in their emails could be lost forever. Social networking software helps businesses overcome these issues by ensuring that key data isn’t forgotten. By using this method, organizations are better able to stay connected and on top of their operations.